Announcing Issue 4 of Angles: A Journal of New Writing

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The Department of English Studies is excited to announce the fourth issue of Angles, a student journal of new writing, published in March of 2019.

Over the course of four issues, the editorial team at Angles has published close to 100 pieces of student writing. During that time, a dedicated group of student editors have worked to gather material, consult with writers, and design and layout the journal for printing. 

The fourth issue contains more than twenty pieces of writing that span a variety of writing genres, including personal essays, senior thesis excerpts, as well as fiction and poetry. This year, the 360 section features all the work of 1st-year students.

Angles endeavors to be a place where ideas can be explored openly, an outlet equal in spirit to the diverse range of interests and perspectives present among the students of the Department of English Studies. Its defining mission is to offer students an opportunity to experience the publishing process and showcase their work.

Copies are available in the campus Kinokuniya bookstore, from Angles editors and Department of English Studies faculty.

Angles is already is beginning work on the Fifth issue.  For submission information please write to the editors at email hidden; JavaScript is required

Cover Photo by Leia Gorman

We can be found online at

 The Angles Editorial Team (Fourth Issue):

Senior Editors:

Leia Gorman, Minjia Hu (Binka Ko), Juichi Kanno, Serina Sugiyama, Risako Tominaga

Assistant Editors:

Azumi Kondo, Yulia Tachikawa, Yui Tanaka, Miyu Uchida, Haruna Yokoi

Faculty editor:

Marc Kaufman 




Shinano Kamimura, Breaking Free……4

Miyu Uchida, Protecting Gender Rights to Fight Fear……7

Serina Sugiyama, The Shadow Behind the Light……13

Yoko Wakabayashi, The Use of Randoseru ……17

Haruna Yokoi, What I Find When I’m Alone……20



Miteki Takeyama, Unrequited Monologue……23

Risako Tominaga, Disconnected…….28

Yulia Tachikawa, Poems……36

Ryutaro Urakawa, Cage ……39

Emi Ito, Euphemia……42

Hanna Takeuchi, Poems……50

Juichi Kanno, Santa Barbara……54



Leung, Choi Yau Jessie, Reviewing the “Individualism-Collectivism” Approach in Marketing Research……61

Megumi Hirano, Language Use in Academic Papers in Japanese Universities: Questioning the anglicization in the academic world……72

Jiezel Nara, The Future of American Health Care……87

Akiyo Ozawa, The Religiosity of George Eliot……101



Mao Sato, English as My Life Partner……115

Azumi Kondo, My Letter to You……118

Mai Nagasawa, Finding My Way Through Music……121

Rie Shamoto, The Importance of International Understanding……125

Yuta Totsuka, Preparing for New Arrivals……127