Institute Fellows

AKAHORI Masayuki Anthropology and Islamic Area Studies
AUGUSTINE, Sali Ethnic Politics, Communal Violence and Civic Life in India
FUKUTAKE Shintaro Southeast Asian Studies(mainly in Indonesia and East Timor), Cultural Anthropology, NGO Studies
IWASAKI Erina Socioeconomic Studies of North Africa and Middle East(especially Egypt and Tunisia)
KUSHIMOTO Hiroko Muslim societies in South East Asia, Cultural Anthropology, Comparative Educatiuon
KWON Hyang Suk Northeast Asian Area Studies; Society and Culture in East Asia; Migration Studies; Korean-Chinese Studies
MAKI Momoka Ethnic Relations of North-Eastern Africa, Decolonization of Africa, Africa and International Relations, Women's Movement and Local NGO Activities in Africa
MARUI Masako Southeast Asian Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Studies
NEMOTO Kei Modern History of Southeast Asia, Burma Studies
SAWAE Fumiko Relations among Islamism, Secularism, Ethnopolitics, and Democratization in Turkey
TANAKA Masako International Cooperation; Gender Studies; South Asian Area Studies
TODA Mikako Ecological Anthropology, African Area Studies
TSUJIGAMI Namie Comparative Gender Studies in the Middle East, Area Studies in the Arab Gulf States
YAMAGUCHI Akihiko Early Modern and Modern History of the Middle East, Kurdish Studies
YAZAWA Tatsuhiro, Director African and Black Diaspora Studies(especially Politics and History of Lusophone African Countries, Afro-Brazilian History, and Race Relations in Brazil)