Maki Momoka


Momoka Maki is an Assosiate Professor in the Faculty of Global Studies of Sophia University. She received M.A. and Ph.D in International and Cultural Studies from Tsuda College in Tokyo. She experienced field research in Africa from 2003-2005 with the Noma Asia-Africa Scholarship and continued her research since then.

She specializes in African History, especially North-Eastern Africa and African Politics. Her current research topics are Ethnic relations of North-Eastern Africa, Decolonization of Africa, Africa and International Relations, Women's movement and Local NGO activities in Africa.

Maki Momoka's publications include the followings:

"Wayyana", in Siegbert Uhlig (ed), Encyclopedia Aethiopica, vol. 4 (O-X), Harrassowitz, pp.1164-1166, 2010

"The Gaz raid and the reconstruction of Ethiopian Empire: the final Gaz in Tigray and northern Wollo, 1941-1942"Journal of Nilo-Ethiopian Studies, no. 14, pp. 39-50. 2010.

"The Wayyane in Tigray and the reconstruction of the Ethiopian government in the 1940's", in Svein Ege, Harald Aspen, Birhanu Teferra and Shiferaw Bekele ed, Proceedings of the 16th International Conference of Ethiopian Studies,Trondheim, 2009, pp. 655-663.

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