Visiting Fellows | The Sophia University Institute of Asian, African, and Middle Eastern Studies (IAAMES)

Visiting Fellows

As of April, 2019

1. Comparative Study on Globalization in Asia and the Middle East

IIYAMA, Akari Islamic Studies
KITHINJI, Kinyua L. The political economy of mobile money exchange technology in the developing world: What M-Pesa success in Kenya reveals about the poor’s intrinsic mechanisms against poverty
OCAMPO, Ambeth R. Ruson Tsubo: Trade and Aesthetics in Philippines-Japan Relations in the time of Hideyoshi
TOBINAI Yuko The South Sudanese refugees and their religion in Northern Uganda

2. Study on Cultural Heritage

FATHURAHMAN, Oman Southeast Asian Islamic philology
HIRANO Yuko Southeast Asian Archaeology, Archaeology of Vietnam, Study of ancient history, History of cultural exchange in Asia
KUBO Makiko Southeast Asian Art History, Art History of Cambodia, Study on Architectural Decoration
MATSUURA Fumiaki Cultural History of Pre-modern Southeast Asia
NURTAWAB, Ervan Southeast Asian Islamic philology
SAKAI Takashi Southeast Asian Archaeology
SATO Keiko Ancient History of Southeast Asia
SOTHEAVIN, Nhim Cambodian Pre-modern History

3. Comparative Study on the Historical Development and Nationalism in Asian Countries

ARAI Koichi Water Resources and Political Awareness in Rural Turkey
KIRIGAYA Kenichi History of various Tai-speaking groups in the highlands of mainland Southeast Asia
MAEKAWA Kaori Archival information network building of the historical documents concerning the Japanese Occupation of Southeast Asia in WWII
TORIYA Masato Modernization and Intellectual Network in Afghanistan

4. Study on Religious Dialogue and Peace Building

FUKUNAGA Masaaki The Political Problems and International Relations of Present-day South Asia
HAYASHI(ONTOKU) Akihito Development Effectiveness and political space for non-governmental Organization
HIRANO Kuniko Vivekananda and Hinduism
KOMURA Akiko Anthropological Studies of Japanese Muslims
KUDO Hiromi Reflections on the Peaceful Coexistence of Christianity and other Religions within the Multireligious Society of India—An Analysis of the Work and Teachings of Mother Teresa.
MOTEKI Akashi Saint Veneration in Medieval Egypt
PINTO, Vivek The Thought of Mahatma Gandhi
SAITO Ayako Muslims in Myanmar: the relationship between the Buddhist Burmese society and “Bamar Muslims”