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2021.08.30Opening hours from September, 2021
2021.08.19Zoom lecture "Pchum Ben: A Long Cambodian Tradition of Assisting the Dead" will be held on Sunday, August 29th.
2021.07.30Institute library schedule for August, 2021.
2021.07.19"Returning Home with Honors? Transnational struggles of Gikuyu Migrants in the US and Kenya"will be held online on Sunday, September 5th.
2021.07.12Zoom seminar on authenticity of heritage sites will be held on Tuesday, July 27th.
2021.06.23Timor-Leste Film Festival will be held onlineiJune 26-July25j
2021.06.21Electronic Edition of "Sophia Journal of Asian, African, and Middle Eastern Studies" (No.38) and "Occasional Papers"(No.29C30) are now available at the repository
2021.06.11Prayer and discussion for peace in myanmar will be held online on Saturday, June 26th.
2021.04.21Zoom seminar on Indonesian batik will be held on Monday, May 24th.
2021.04.02Opening hours from April, 2021
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