Collaborative Fellows

As of April, 2019

1. Comparative Study on Globalization in Asia and the Middle East

DUAQUI, Yellowbelle The relationship between the student background characteristics, level of social capital formation, and the level of human capital formation of Filipino international students in Japanese universities
HINO Tomohide Medico-Anthropological Study about Infectious Disease in South East Asia
KOIZUMI Yusuke The change of industrial structure and inter-provincial labor migration in Indonesia
KUBO Yasuyuki Role of NGOs and problems of relocation of people at dam construction sites in Indonesia
WIBOWO, Rudo Socioeconomic studies on Indonesian Sea Peoples
YAMOTO Kimi Educational Support for Children with Filipino Roots in Japan
YOO Seonggoo Fisheries Conflicts and Fisheries Reform in the Tonle Sap Region, Cambodia

2. Study on Cultural Heritage

YANAGIYA Ayumi Political history of Islamic areas in the Middle age, Arabic Bibliography

3. Comparative Study on the Historical Development and Nationalism in Asian Countries

ACMAD, Adam Taib Pilgrimage of Philippine Muslims
FUKUNAGA Koichi Studies of Islamic Movement and Nationalism in Modern Egypt
KAMIMURA Miku カンボジアにおける土地紛争
SEKI Kanako Modern and Contemporary History of Morocco and Spain
WAKAKUWA Ryo History of Modern Tunisia & Contemporary Tunisian Studies

4. Study on Religious Dialogue and Peace Building

TAZAWA Sebasuchanoshigeru The Making of Racism in the 19-20th century Zionism : A Historical case of“Muscular Jewry”