Iwasaki Erina


Iwasaki Erina is Professor in the Department of French Studies, of the Faculty of Foreign Studies of Sophia University. She obtained a Bachelorfs degree from Sophia University in 1989, a Masterfs degree in sociology from Hitotsubashi University in 1993, and a Ph.D in economics from Hitotsubashi University in 2006. She specializes in Middle East and North African studies, in particular Egyptian and Tunisian socioeconomy, with a special focus on development, urban-rural relations. She has written extensively on these subjects, both in Japanese and English.

Her current research includes Socioeconomic studies of North Africa and Middle East (especially Egypt and Tunisia), based on fieldworks. She also conducts research on water and irrigation, communal behaviors in rural Egypt and Tunisia, in a bid to bring to light the regional diversity and community in North African societies.

Iwasaki Erinafs publications include the followings:

"Inequality and@Poverty in the Suburbs. The Case of Metropolitan Cairo," in The Routledge Companion to the Suburbs, Routledge, 2019.

"Wells and land use changes in Dakhla Oasis (Egypt) using geospatial analysis. A case study of Rashda village," Iwasaki, E., Elbeih, S., Shalaby, A., Khedr, H., Zaghloul, E.A. Euro-Mediterranean Journal for Environmental Integration 2020/10/06.yelectronic versionz

Iwasaki, Negm & Elbeih (eds.) Sustainable Water Solutions in the Western Desert, Egypt: Dakhla Oasis, Springer, 2020.

"Transformation of Fertility Behavior in Southern Tunisia: Case Study of Two Villages in Tataouine," Ajia Keizai, 2020 (in Japanese). yelectronic versionz

Rashda: The Birth and Growth of an Egyptian Oasis Village, Brill, 2016 (with Hiroshi Kato).

"Income Distribution in Rural Egypt A Three Village Case,h Journal of African Studies and Development 7(1), pp.15-30, 2015.yelectronic versionz

"Estimation of Poverty in Greater Cairo: Case Study of Three 'Unplanned' Areas,hAfrican Development Review, 25(2), pp.173-188, 2013. (with Heba El-Laithy)yelectronic versionz

"Land use change and crop rotation analysis of a government well district in Rashda village Dakhla Oasis, Egypt based on satellite data,h The Egyptian Journal of Remote Sensing and Space Sciences, 15, pp.111-135. (with H.Kato, R.Kimura, S.Elbeih, E.A.Zaghloul)yelectronic versionz

"What is the Aila? : The Comparative Study of Kinship Structure in Egyptian Villages,h AJAMES (Annals of Japan Association for Middle East Studies) 22-2, Japan Association for Middle East Studies, Tokyo, pp.125-148, 2006.yelectronic versionz

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