Vision and Mission

The Sophia University Institute of Asian, African, and Middle Eastern Studies (IAAMES) was established in 1982 as an initiative of Sophia University to promote East-West cultural exchange, guided by the principles of Christian humanism. Focusing on Asia, the Middle East and Africa, the institute promotes multidisciplinary studies on the society, culture, history, and politics of the regions, conducting long-term fieldwork and in-depth academic research. Fully aware of the responsibility of scholars in tackling with the global issues that confront us today, we think about and grapple with these issues, together with the people in the regions, endeavor to create new knowledge and share their results with scholars and the general public all over the world.


  1. To conduct research on the transformation of social, cultural, intellectual and spiritual aspects of the life of people at a given time and place in the three regions of Asia. Particular importance is placed on people in the periphery and people on the move.
  2. To promote comparative study on the three regions, as well as the study of cultural exchange and social communication across regions.
  3. To disseminate the latest results of our research to the general public by holding lectures and seminars open to the public, including a series of lectures entitled “Traveling Asia”, “Traveling Africa” and “Traveling Middle East”.
  4. To actively collaborate with academic and other organizations and associations outside the university in conducting research and organizing lectures and seminars.