Yazawa Tatsuhiro


Yazawa Tatsuhiro is a professor at the Department of Luso-Brazilian Studies, Faculty of Foreign Studies, Sophia University. He received a Bachelor's degree in Law (major in Politics) from Keio University in 1991, and a Master's degree (1993) and a Ph.D (2018) in Law from the same university. He specializes in African Studies with a focus on politics and history in lusophone african countries, and also in Black Diaspora Studies, particularly black history and race relations in Brazil.

His current research topics include ethnic relations in modern history and contemporary politics of Sub-Saharan Africa, especially of lusophone african countries, and Brazilian Black movement's view to Africa and its changes across the time.

Yazawa Tatsuhiro’s publications include the followings:

"A imprensa negra brasileira na primeira metade do século XX e sua referência à África e à diáspora africana: avaliando "pan-africanidade" na perspectiva da liderança negra brasileira",Anais: colóquio de estudos luso-brasileiros(Associação Japonesa de Estudos Luso-Brasileiros)XXXI(1998)(outubro de 1999), pp. 45-69.

Gen Kikkawa and Tatsuhiro Yazawa (eds.),Africa in the World: A Half Century of Nation-building and International Engagement(in Japanese), Sophia University Press, 2013.

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