List of Titles of The Journal of Sophia Asian Studies | The Sophia University Institute of Asian, African, and Middle Eastern Studies (IAAMES)

Sophia Journal of Asian, African, and Middle Eastern Studies(The Journal of Sophia Asian Studies)

List of Titles

No.36 Women in Modern Ethiopia
No.35 Thematic Articles 1: Buhayra: The“Lake”Country of Egypt-A Local and Interdisciplinary History of the Nile Delta's Periphery; Thematic Articles 2: Islamism and Secularism in Turkey
No.34 Politics and Religion in Global & Asian Context
No.33 Murai Yoshinori and Global Studies
No.32 Burma Studies in Japan: History, Culture and Religion
No.31 Case Studies for the Area Studies in a Globalizing World:Changing Sufism and Emerging Greater Sudan
No.30 New Horizons of Maghreb Studies in Japan
No.29 South Asia of the Twenty-first Century
No.28 Sophia Cambodia Studies
No.27 Muslim Networks and Movements in Asia
No.26 Migrants and the Catholic Church in Japan
No.25 The Iranian World and its Neighboring Areas - Formation and Development
No.24 Maghreb Studies in Japan
No.23 Earthenware and Glazed Ceramics in Southeast Asia
No.22 Towards New Perspectives on Studies of Sufis, Saints and Sayyid/Sharifs
No.21 The Religion, Politics, and Culture of South Asia
No.20 Study of Jawi Documents
No.19 Japanese Occupation in Indonesia and the Philippines
No.18 Two International Symposia
No.17 SPECIAL LECTURE: Ishii Yoneo, “Mgr. Pallegoix and King Mongkut: Catholic Church in the History of Modernization of Siam,”
No.16 Trend in Iranian Studies
No.15 Studies on Maritime Southeast Asia
No.14 Middle Eastern Studies
No.13 Local Authority in Islam
No.12 Christianity in Asia
No.11 Studies on Trade Ceramics
No.10 Special Issue in Honor of the Tenth Anniversary of the Institute of Asian Cultures, Sophia University
No.9 SPECIAL ARTICLE: Wilson, Constance M., “Nineteenth Century Thai Social Structure and Its Implications for State Formation, ” and others.
No.8 SPECIAL ARTICLE: Hara Minoru, “On Hindu Dharma,” and others.
No.7 SPECIAL ARTICLE: Ishii Yoneo, “Southeast Asia in the Japanese World View: A Historical Perspective,” and others.
No.6 SPECIAL ARTICLE: Mori Masao, “On the Whirling of the Medieval Dervishes,” and others.
No.5 ARTICLE:Nakaoka San-eki, “Aspects of the Japanese View on Modern West Asia,” and others.
No.4 SPECIAL ARTICLE:Shimada Johei, “The Islamic Society and Mawālī,” and others.
No.3 SPECIAL ARTICLE: Mikami Tsugio, “Ceramic Road: Sri Lanka, as a Base of Ceramic Trade between East and West,” and others.
No.2 ARTICLE:Ishizawa Yoshiaki,“The Preservation of Law and Order in Angkorian Cambodia,” and others.
No.1 ARTICLE:Yamamoto Tatsuro,“Expected Image of Asian Studies,” and others.