• Gift of Fire special online talk at Sophia

  • 黒崎博監督とのオンライントークイベント


    Due to the problems with a major CDN last week, many major web sites were down on Tuesday 8th, including Vimeo. As a result it was not possible to screen the film, Ushiku, last week. Professor John Williams has rescheduled the screening for next week, June 15th and the Q and with director, Thomas Ash, on the 21st. Contact Professor John Williams if you would like to attend. See below for more details: USHIKU SCREENING AND Q and A (This screening is a CLOSED EVENT ONLY FOR SOPHIA STUDENTS AND STAFF) On June 21st, from 19.20 we are very privileged to offer a closed screening of the documentary film, Ushiku, <続きを読む>
  • 2021年度SOPHIA OPEN CAMPUS開催のお知らせ

    英語学科は6/12(土)に体験授業を二つ開催いたします。一つは北原真冬教授による「音声学入門」,もう一つは小塩和人教授による「北米研究ゼミ生の発表」です。音声学は広く諸言語の発音と聞き取りを扱う学問ですが,今回は 日本人英語学習者の苦手なポイントをデジタル技術を用いてどのように明らかにするかを講義します。一方北米研究は,アメリカ・カナダの 歴史や環境について卒業論文研究に勤しむ複数のゼミ生が発表を行います。どちらも大学における授業の雰囲気を味わう絶好の機会です。ふるってご参加ください。 *参加には予約が必要です。申し込み予約はこちらから出来ます。 6月12日(土) 13:35~14:50 6号館 4F 410 音声学入門 北原 真冬 16:45~18:00 6号館 3F 307 北米研究ゼミ生の発表 小塩 和人   コロナウイルスの影響により、予防措置を講じておりますが、ご自身の健康と安全を確保するために必要な行動をお取りください。 新型コロナウイルス感染拡大防止の観点から、本年度のオープンキャンパスは定員制での開催とし、体験授業への申込みをされた受験生のみご入構いただける形式とさせていただきます。より多くの受験生の皆様にご来場いただくため、保護者の方や中学生以下の方のご参加は不可とさせていただきますので、あらかじめご了承ください。また各種相談コーナーなど、自由参加プログラムのみの参加は受け付けておりませんので、ご注意ください。    <続きを読む>
  • Welcome Messages from our Faculty

    To all of the students joining our department in 2021, we wanted to extend our congratulations and share these welcome messages from our faculty and student helpers! https://m.umu.co/course/?groupId=156332&sKey=205dcd6e6df81b899309322e69cda14e We know this is a difficult time, but we look forward to meeting you and wish you all the best at the start of your university life.<続きを読む>
  • Faculty Spotlight: Department Chair, Professor Noriko Ishii, a specialist in American Studies and American Women’s History.

    Professor Noriko Ishii is the chair of the Department of English Studies. She lived in San Francisco for four years during elementary school. Those experiences lingered with her after coming back to Japan and she continued to concentrate on studying English, eventually entering our own Department of English Studies at Sophia University. After graduating from Sophia University, she completed MPhil and PhD programs at George Washington University while raising her children. As a mother, a graduate from Sophia University, and a professor of the English department, Prof. Noriko Ishii told the Angles editors powerful and inspiring stories. Angles Editors: Could you tell us about your background before you entered university? <続きを読む>
  • Mini Lecture Series: Working on Advanced Vocabulary from Home

    Here is a short lecture on building vocabulary from Gavin Furukawa, a specialist in Sociolinguistics and Assistant Professor in the Department of English Studies: “Many English Studies students have been worried about losing their English skills while practicing social distancing. One easy thing to do during this time is to work on your vocabulary. Here’s a short video on how to work on expanding your university-level vocabulary using some great tools that are available on the internet. In this video, I explain how to create a vocabulary log, one of the main ways that people learn vocabulary that they want to use in real life, not just for tests. I <続きを読む>
  • Links to Past Guidance

    Here are links to past university guidance we’ve posted for students: Guidance and Explanation regarding Curriculum: Curriculum Explanation For Incoming Students Guidance on Scholarships: Guidance on Scholarships Guidance on Study Abroad:  Guidance on Study Abroad Guidance on Teacher’s License: Guidance on Teacher’s Licence Guidance on Student Numbering System: Guidance on Student Numbers Guidance on Numbering System: Guidance on Numbering System  <続きを読む>
  • Faculty Study Recommendations III

    To All of Our Students, While we are away from class, our faculty members have put together another list of materials that can help you continue to study. Today’s selections include favorite films, novels, and short stories. Marc Kaufman’s Reading Recommendations: 2 Novels and 3 Short Stories that explore American life from a variety of perspectives, during different periods of time. 1. The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie– The novel chronicles the life of 14-year old Arnold Spirit, also known as Junior, a Spokane Native American growing up in Washington state. Based on Alexie’s own experience, the action centers around Junior and the challenges he <続きを読む>
  • Mini Lecture Series I: Shakespeare’s Theatre

    英語学科の皆さん、こんにちは! 英語学科教員の東郷公德です。 今回は私の専門であるシェイクスピアが仲間たちと一体どんな劇場でお芝居をやっていたのか、についてお話しします。   動画では言いそびれましたが、グローブ座で上演されたシェイクスピアのお芝居は、通常、平日午後2時頃から屋根のない半分屋外の舞台で上演されました。舞台装置も殆どありませんでした。ですから、役者は、今が夜なのか昼なのか、場所が森なのか宮廷なのか、必要な場合は全て説明する必要がありました。それで当時、芝居を観ることを “to hear a play”と言いました。お芝居は「観る」よりも「聴く」ものだったのです。 そんな「聴くための芝居」が上演されていた劇場はどんな構造で、そこで何が起こっていたか、10分で可能な限りかいつまんでご説明します。どうかお楽しみ下さい。 スライドのPDFはこちら shの劇場 質問などありましたら、下記までメールを下さい。 よろしくお願いいたします。 英語学科新入生広報担当教員 東郷公德 email hidden; JavaScript is required<続きを読む>
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