Komaki Shohei


Komaki Shohei is a Professor in the Faculty of Global Studies of Sophia University. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Oriental History from the University of Tokyo in 1978, and also a Master’s degree in Oriental history from the same University in 1981. He worked at the Embassy of Japan at Tehran in Iran as a research attaché from 1982 to 1984.

He specializes in Middle Eastern Studies, in particular the history of modern Iran and Afghanistan, with a special focus on the state-making process of these countries. He has written extensively on these subjects, mainly in Japanese, but some of his publications are also in English.

His current interest is the historical relationship between Iran and Afghanistan, and he has researched Persian books and manuscripts on these subjects.

Komaki Shohei’s publications include the followings:

Yar Mohammad Khan in Herat: A Political History of Afghanistan in the Mid-19th Century, Journal of Sophia Asian Studies, Number 29, Tokyo, 2011, pp.191-212

Khorasan in the Mid-Eighteenth Century: The Dorranis and the Afshars after the Assassination of Nader Shah, (Japanese), Journal of Oriental Researches, 56-2, Kyoto, 1997, pp. 176-200

Khorasan in the Early 19th Century, Journal of Sophia Asian Studies, Number 13, Tokyo, 1995, pp. 79-108

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