Kisaichi Masatoshi


Kisaichi Masatoshi is currently Professor of Maghreb Studies at the Institute of Asian Cultures, Sophia University and is also Program leader of Islamic Area Studies of Sophia University. In 1972 he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree, from Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan and in 2007 obtained his Ph.D. in History from Chuo University, Tokyo, Japan.

His research deals with the socio-political roles of Sufi-saints in the medieval Maghreb societies and the relationship between the popular movement and Islamist groups in Algeria. At present he is studying the formation of nationalism in Algeria and the Islamist movements of the Maghreb.

Kisaichi Masatoshi’s publications include the followings:

“Jews under the Marinids: The Realities of a Policy of Tolerance and Its Background”(Acta Asiatica, No.86, 2004, pp.53-74.) “Resurgence of Islam in Algeria in the 1960’s and 1970’s” (The Journal of Sophia Asian Studies, No.24, 2006, pp.63-76)

(Ed.) Popular Movement and Democratization in the Islamic World (London ,Routledge, 2006.); History of Islamist Movements of the Maghreb (in Japanese)(Tokyo, Hakusuisha Publishers, 2004)

“La transformation du concept de la Baraka et le développement de la veneration des saints soufis:un essai vu a travers l’analyse de documents historiques du Maghreb médiéval” (Memoirs of The Research Department of Toyo Bunko, No.67, 209.pp.129-158).