Ishizawa Yoshiaki


Ishizawa Yoshiaki is the former President of Sophia University (2005-2011), Professor (By Special Appointment), Director of the Sophia Asia Center for Research and Human Development, and Chief of the Sophia Angkor International Mission.

He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in French Language and Studies from Sophia University in 1961, and a Master’s Degree in Oriental History from Chuo University in 1968. He was dispatched to the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes à la Sorbonne by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science as a government-financed student in 1974, and obtained a Doctoral Degree in Oriental History from Chuo University in 1977.

For more than fifty years, he has been involved in the Angkor monuments in Cambodia, especially in the study of Cambodian Inscriptions and Chinese Historical Records. In 1991, he established the Asia Center for Research and Human Development in Siem Reap, for the training of Angkor monuments conservators. In 2001, the Sophia Angkor Mission excavated 274 Buddha images in Banteay Kdei, which was a great discovery that overturned earlier theories.

Ishizawa Yoshiaki’s publications include the followings:

Renaissance Culturelle du Cambodge―Study and Research on the Restoration of the Angkor Monuments and Traditional Cultures, Vols.1-27, (authored and edited), Sophia Asia Center for Research and Human Development, Sophia University, 1989-2013.

Manual d’épigraphie du Cambodge (co-authored), Ecole Française d’Extrême-Orient, Paris, 215 p. 2007.

The Buddhist Statues of Angkor, (authored), NHK publications, 224 p.2007.

The Age of Angkor, [Dagèns, B. : Les Khmers, Les Belles Lettres, Paris, 2003], co-translated and annotated, Rengo Shuppan, 278 p. ,2008.

The Discovery of a World of Myriad Civilizations in Southeast Asia, (authored), Kodansha Publications, 398 p.2009.

Challenging the Mystery of Angkor Empire, Sophia University Press, 2012.