Cyril Veliath


Cyril Veliath is the Professor of Indian Philosophy and Religions in the Faculty of Global Studies of Sophia University. He is a Catholic priest, an Indian national, and a member of the Society of Jesus, the Catholic religious order that is also known as the Jesuits. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in Indian and Western Philosophy, a Master’s degree in Indian Philosophy, and a Ph.D. in Indian Philosophy at the Jnanadeepa Vidyapeeth Pontifical Athenaeum, located in the city of Pune in India.

He has published widely, mostly in English but also in Japanese, and his current research concerns inter-religious harmony and dialogue, and the relationship between Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam.

Cyril Veliath’s publications include the followings:

The Buddha and Jesus: An Anthology of Articles by Jesuits engaged in Buddhist Studies and Inter-religious Dialogue, Edited by Cyril Veliath, Kelaniya: Tulana Jubilee Publications, 2016, pp. 425

The Life and Work of Blessed Mother Teresa, (Co-authored with Hiromi Josepha Kudo), Sophia University Press, Tokyo, 2006, pp. 369

THE LOVE SONG, Minerva Press, London, 1997, pp.719

THE MYSTICISM OF RAMANUJA, Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Private Ltd., New Delhi, 1993, pp.249