SIAS/KIAS-CNRS Online Joint Seminar on July 7, 2022

SIAS held an online seminar with the Center for Islamic Area Studies of Kyoto University (KIAS) and the Group of Society, Religions, and Laïcités of the French National Centre for Scientific Research (GSRL-CNRS). The seminar was semi-closed.

Date & Time: July 7, 2022 (Thu), 18:00-20:00 (10:00-12:00 in Paris)
Venue: Online meeting

Opening Remarks: Thierry Zarcone (CNRS-GSRL)

Presentation 1: HOMMA Ryusei (Kyoto University) “Ashraf ‘Alī Thānavī’s Metaphysics of Theophany: A Study of Tajallī and Its Related Concepts”
Presentation 2: Danielle ZWARTHOED (CRE) “Binding Hearts Through Writing: Insights on the Writing Practices of 9th/15th Century Naqshbandīs in Central Asia and Khurāsān
Chair: FUTATSUYAMA Tatsuro (Kagawa University)

Presentation 3: MATSUDA Kazunori (Kyoto University), “Barelwī ‘Ulamā’ and Blasphemy Law: The Case of Tehreek-e Labbaik Pakistan”
Chair: Alexandre PAPAS (CNRS-CETOBaC)

Closing Remarks: YASUDA Shin (Takasaki City University of Economics)
Chair: AKAHORI Masayuki (Sophia University)

This seminar shows the achievement of the research activities of the following four profects;
  1. "Research on the Dynamics of the Reconstruction of Publicness in Contemporary Islam" funded by by the Promotion and Mutual Aid Corporation for Private Schools of Japan
  2. “Anthropological Studies on Veneration of Saints and Holy Relics in Islam and Christianity” [JSPS JP19H00564] funded by the Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A)
  3. "Study of Moderate Islam in Non-Arab Countries: The Cases of Indonesia, Pakistan, and Turkey" [JSPS KAKENHI JP22H00034] funded by the Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A)
  4. “Histories and Current Situations of Interreligious Relations in Asia and Africa,” which is a collaborative research project with the Kenan Rifai Center for Sufi Studies of Kyoto University

  • NIHU Area Studies Project for the Modern Middle East Sophia University(2016-2021)
  • Sophia and Waseda Joint Research Project Histories and Current Situations of Interreliglous Relations in Asia and Africa
  • isramic area studies, sophia university(2006-2015)
  • Project SOIAS (2008-2012)
  • Jawi Study Group Archives

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