Jawi Study Group

About the Website

   The Jawi Study Group was dissolved on May 31, 2009. The website, collection of books, and other assets of the group have been handed over to Group 2 of the Section of Islamic Area Studies, of the Institute of Asian Cultures of Sophia University (SIAS). Although this website will continue to be maintained by SIAS for the purpose of archive, it will not be updated or renewed.
 For inquiries concerning the group's past activities please contact the SIAS secretariat, at ias-iac@sophia.ac.jp.

About Books and Documents Collected by JSG

Books collected by JSG are now availabe at the Sophia University Library (List of the collected books, Excel file). You may use the Library's OPAC to search for the books. Documents other than books are kept with SIAS. Please contact ias-iac@sophia.ac.jp for further information (List of the collected documents, Excel file).