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Journal #31 (2013)

International Calvinism and the Making of Puritan New England
David D. Hall 


Reconsidering Calvinist Ethics in the Massachusetts Bay: Robert Keayne, “The Last Will and Testament”(1653)
Shitsuyo Masui

 The Unexpected Consequence of Government Manipulation: Racial Disturbances at Chicago’s Public Housing for Veterans in the 1940s
Hiroshi Takei

Spiritual Bodies and Physical Spirits in the Undiscovered Country
Chiho Nakagawa

Book Review

An Overlooked Consequence of Globalization: Exporting American Notions of Mental Illness and Mental Health
Makiko Deguchi and Vinai Norasakkunkit

The Snail Darter and the Dam
Kazuto Oshio and Joseph DiMento

Journal #30 (2012)


Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale as a Multidimensional Critique of Rebellion
Asami Nakamura

Why Are They So Disturbing?: A Study of Classic American Gangster Movies
Taeko Kitahara

Theater of Rescue: Cultural Representations of U.S. Evacuation from Vietnam
Ayako Sahara


Journal #29 (2011)


From a ”Poor" Farmer's Cooperation to a "Poor White" Farmer's Cooperation: Populist Movement and Disfranchisement in North Carolina, 1898-1900
Ryota Fukamatsu

Trans-Pacific Localism: Prewar Village Ties that Connected Taiji, Wakayama, to Terminal Island, California
Yuko Konno

          Interracial Marriages between American Soldiers and Japanese Women at the Beginning of the Cold War
 Tomoko Tsuchiya

  書評/Book Review
"Talkin' Union": A Review of Recent Biographies on Folk Singers Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger
           Roger House

Journal #28 (2010)


Caught In-between: The Life History of a Japanese Canadian Woman Deportee
Yukichi Niwayama

Twice Migration of Japanese Immigrants to Hawai‘i: Processes, Motives and Continuity of Domestic and International Migrations

 Mariko Iijima

Strange Births in the Canadian Wilderness: Atwood’s Surfacing and Cronenberg’s The Brood
Tristanne Connolly:      

Alice M. Bacon’s “When Doctors Disagree”: Antivivisection in the United States and the Women’s Role in Japan
    Erika Sunada   

  Book Review
"Banished: The New Social Control if Urban America."
Wm. Thomas Hill


Journal #27 (2009)

 "Orestes Brownson's Autobiography and Autobiographical Novels : Self-Narrative as Negotiation between Facts and Fiction”
 Shun'ichi Takayanagi 

 "Forgotten Paths to NEPA: A Historical Analysis of the Early Environmental Law in the 1960s United States”
 Joseph DiMento* and Kazuto Oshio

   "Cold War Black Orientalism・ Race, Gender, and the African American Representations of Japanese Women during the Early1950s”
Yasuhiro Okada

   "Transnationalism in Education: The Backgrounds, Motives, and Experiences of Nisei Students in Japan before World War II”
 Yuko Konno

Journal #26 (2008)


  "But Is It Art? Creative Writing Workshops in the U.S."
 David Galef

"The Canadian Government’s Early Postwar Policy of Support for the Re-Entry to Canada of Japanese Canadians"
Hisao Okamoto

"Denied Domestic Pleasures: Genre and Gender in American Gothic Wieland"
Chiho Nakagawa

"The Ambiguous Terrain: Articulation of Disability in the Municipal Administration of New York City in the Early Twentieth Century"
Yoshiya Makita

"The Legacy of F. Marion Crawford: Corleone and The Godfather"
Taeko Kitahara

Review Article
"Irish and Quebec Nationalism Compared"
Nobuaki Suyama

Journal #25 (2007)

Invited Article*
"Protestant Evangelicals and Recent American Politics"
Mark A. Noll

“The Work Committed to Us”: Orestes Brownson’s Views on Literature"
Shun’ichi Takayanagi

"Making Imperial Citizens: Empire Day in Canada"
Michihisa Hosokawa

"Senator Elbert D. Thomas and Japan"
Haruo Iguchi

Journal #24 (2006)

   "Jesus as a Celebrity"
  Richard W. Fox

         "George W. Bush, the 'Faith-Based' Presidency, and the Latest 'Evangelical Menace'"
Leo P. Ribuffo

"The Spiritual Origins of the Freer Gallery of Art:Religious and Aesthetic Inclusivism and the First American  Buddhist Vogue, 1879-1907"
Thomas A. Tweed 

      "Orestes Brownson and Theology in America"
   Shun’ichi Takayanagi

         BOOK REVIEW:
   "The United States and the Definition of Empire"
   Wm. Thomas Hill

          "Geography for Americanists "
Julia Leyda

Journal #23 (2005)

"The Experience of Authority in Early New England"
 David D. Hall

"'Claim What Is Yours': August Wilson on African American Identity in The Piano Lesson"
          Amadou Bissiri

          "Canadian Perspectives and Concerns about the Wider World: Britain and the Partition of Palestine, 1946-1948"
          Martin Thornton

          "The Hope and Failure in Interracial Cooperation: A Study of the Anti-lynching Movement in the 1930s"
 Sachiko Hishida

Journal #22 (2004)

"Inventing the Entrepreneurial University: Stanford and the Co-Evolution of Silicon Valley"
Timothy Lenoir

"Recovering Lost Voices: The Urban Migration and the Blues of William 'Big Bill' Broonzy"
Roger House

"Defining the South's Second Reconstruction: The Historiography of the Civil Rights Movement in America" (JAPANESE)
Yasuhiro Katagiri

"Race Relations in Little Tokyo during the Postwar Period: The Resettlement of Japanese Americans and the Activities of 'Pilgrim House'" (JAPANESE)
Naoko Masuda


Journal #21 (2003)

"US Foreign Policy in Turbulent Times"
Peter Rutland

Accessing British Empire-U.S. Diplomacy from Japan: Friendship, Discourse, Network, and the Manchurian Crisis"
Peter Oblas

Japanese Canadians Redress Movement: A Review of Negotiations between the National Association of Japanese   Canadians(NAJC) and the Government of Canada" (JAPANESE)
Yuukichi NIwayama

Magazine Coverage of Welfare Recipients 1969-1996: Media Rituals and American Society"
Tomoko Kanayama

Robert E. Hannigan, The New World Power: American Foreign Policy, 1898-1917"
Wm. Thomas Hill


Journal #20 (2002)

"Ethnic Community Building and the Local Grassroots: the Impact of Ukrainian and Japanse Ethnic Elites on the Opal/Maybridge Rural Settlement during the 1920s and 1930s"
Aya Fujiwara

"Monsters and the Haunting of Civic Memory: The Americanization of a Word"
Edward J. Ingebretsen

"Bonner Fellers and the U.S.-Japan Relations, June 1945-June 1946"
Haruo Iguchi

"The Trans-Atlantic and Inter-Colonial Communication Networks during the First Great Awakening in Jonathan Edwards' Letters" (JAPANESE)
Shitsuyo Masui

Shelley Streeby, American Sensations: Class, Empire and the Production of Popular Culture"
Wm. Thomas Hill


Journal #19 (2001)

"American Theater and the Advent of Electricity in the Late 19th Century: the Example of the
 'Edison of the Theater'"
Amadou Bissiri

"Geography in the American Academy: A Microcosm in Search of a Role That Already Exists"
Simon R. Potter

"The Mechanism of Arms Expansion before and after the End of the Cold War" (JAPANESE)
Gen Yamamoto

"George Whitefield and the Rise of the Trans-Atlantic Evangelical Culture, 1738-1771" (JAPANESE)
Shitsuyo Masui

"Crossing Boundaries of Womanhood: Professionalization and American Women Missionaries' Quest for Higher Education in Meiji Japan"
Noriko Ishii

Journal #18 (2000)

"'Not A Wigwam Nor Blanket Nor Warwhoop': Cherokees and the Woman's Christian Temperance Union"
Izumi Ishii

"Canada’s Far West Policy- China and Japan 1929-1932"
Peter Oblas

"The Politics of Re-narrating History as Gendered War: Asian American Women's Theater"
Eriko Hara

"Revisiting Horace M. Kallen's Cultural Pluralism: A Comparative Analysis"
Erika Sunada

"Hate Crime and Their Limitations" (JAPANESE)
Kazuhiro Maeshima

Journal #17 (1999)

Lessons from History: Japanese Canadians and Civil Liberties in Canada"
Izumi Masumi

"The Congressional Struggle for the First American Regulatory Agency: The Formation of the Interstate Commerce Commission as a Prelude to Modern America"
Kazuyuki Matsuo

"Petticoats and Pensions: Civil War Influence on the Canadian Military Widows' Pension"
Nelson K. Joannette

"Reluctant Vengeance: Canada at the Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal"
John Stanton

" Diversity and Unity in Colonial Religious History" (JAPANESE)
Masui, Shitsuyo

Journal #16 (1998)

"Lester Pearson, the Commonwealth and Winston Churchill's Fulton Missouri Speech of 5 March 1946: 'Red Baiting and Lion Tail Twisting'"
Martin Thornton

"An Unfinished Dream: Yoshisuke Ayukawa's Economic Diplomacy Toward the U.S., 1937-1940"
Haruo Iguchi

"John Cabot and Newfoundland: Myths and Traditions" (JAPANESE)
Yutaka Takenaka

"'Political Economy'; The Economic Thought of Martin R. Delany: The Antebellum Phase"
Tunde Adeleke

"Fiscal Reform by Canadian Government: Its Implication from Canadian Action Plan" (JAPANESE)
Kimio Takanaka

"Volunteer Crews Participating in Community TV Program Production: Cases Developing in Canada"
Sakae Ishikawa

Journal #15 (1997)

"The Politics of Robert Frost"
Andy J. Moore

"Prairie Populism and the Reform Party of Canada"
Andrew Molloy

"Responding to Nationalism: The Bolivian Movimiento Nacionalista Revolucionaria and the United States, 1952-1956"
James F. Siekmeier

"Footsteps of the Quebec Missionaries in Japan" (JAPANESE)
Richard Leclerc and Claude Roberge, S. J.

"The Invisible War between the United States and Japan over China: A Study of the Abolition of Extraterritoriality in 1943"
Xiaohua Ma

"The Trajectory of "Modern Family" in the American Society"
Yasushi Watanabe

Journal #14 (1996)

"Career Development in Canadian Companies: A Shift Towards Increasing Employee Responsibility"
Peter Firkola

"American Propaganda in China: The U.S. Committee on Public Information, 1918-1919"
Kazuyuki Matsuo

"Pensioned Professoriate"
Nelson K. Joannette

"Besieged and Beleaguered: The United States and Western Export Control Policy, 1954-1956"
Sayuri Shimizu

"Reconstruction Historiography and African American Agrarianism in Lowcountry South Carolina"
Akiko Ochiai

Journal #13 (1995)

"Common Threads in the Tapestry: Mythical Values in American Commercials"
Todd Joseph Miles Holden

"The Triumph of the Politics of Economic Self-Interest? Operation Matchbox and Canada's Importation of German Scientists and Technicians, 1945-1950"
Galen Roger Perras

"A School Controversy: The Amish vs. American Educational Authorities: The Yoder Case"
Mami Hiraike Okawara

"Adolescent Transformation and the House Motif in Eudora Welty's Short Fiction"
Nobue Urushihara

"Yone Noguchi: Accomplishments and Roles"
Hiroaki Sato

"Northrop Frye's Literary Theory in a Canadian Context"
Shun'ichi Takayanagi

Journal #12 (1994)

"Literacy, Literality, Literature: The Rise of Cultural Aristocracy in 'The Murder in the Rue Morgue'"
Takayuki Tatsumi

"Primacy of 'Condition': The Moral Suasion Debate among Afro-Americans in the 1830s"
Tunde Adeleke

"The Hawaiian Economy in the 1930s: The Successful Adjustment of an American Territory to the Great Depression"
Richard A. Hawkins

"Thirteen Days Thirty Years After: 'Robert Kennedy and the Cuban Missile Crisis' Revisited"
Haruya Anami

"State Autonomy and Canadian Immigration Policy"
Nobuaki Suyama

Journal #11 (Spring 1994)

"'[T]he Most Generous Assistance': U.S. Economic Aid to Guatemala and Bolivia, 1944-1959"
James F. Siekmeier

"Perspectives on the North American Free Trade Agreement"
Wallace Gagne 

"U.S.-Japan Relations: the Volatility Thesis Reconsidered"
Todd Joseph Miles Holden

"The Clinton Administration's Policies in the Asia-Pacific Region"
Hideki Kan

"Bellwether for Social Change: Spike Lee and the Themes of African-American Society"
William A. Harris

Journal #10 (1993)

"Elizabeth Stoddard's The Morgesons: A Bildungsroman Exploring Women's Possibilities"
Yuko Nakagawa

"The Religious Dimensions of Martin R. Delany's Struggle"
Tunde Adeleke

"Hollywood Invades Vietnam: The Second American Reconstruction"
Todd Joseph Miles Holden

"English Translation of Tanka: Arthur Waley Revisited"(JAPANESE)
Hiroaki Sato

"Multiculturalism in Canada: The Challenge of Diversity" (JAPANESE)
Fumiaki Kato

Journal #9 (Spring 1992)

"'V-J Day' in Rhode Island: A Case of Conflicting Perceptions and Agendas"
Steve Rabson

"The Frontier and Images of the Canadian West in the Settlement Era"
R. Douglas Francis

"Technology and Political Interdependence: Canada, Japan, and the United States"
Wallace Gagne

"The Carter Administration and Foreign Policy Theories" (JAPANESE)
Haruya Anami

"Reluctant Adversaries: Canada and the People's Republic of China, 1949-1970" (JAPANESE)
Daizo Sakurada

Journal #8 (Autumn 1991)

"Discrimination in the U.S. and Japan -From a Legal Viewpoint"
Tadashi Hnami

"American Public Opinion during the "Persian Gulf Conflict"and its Images of Japan" (JAPANESE)
Toshiki Gomi

"From B.C. to Montreal- the Resettlement of Japanese Canadians in the East" (JAPANESE)
Masako Iino

"Comparative Foreign Policy: An Evaluation of Simulated Bargaining among Canada, Japan and the United States"
Patrick James and Anoop Prihar

Visions of Infamy- The Untold Story of How Journalist Hector C. Bywater Devised the Plans that Led to Pearl Harbor" (JAPANESE)
Hidetou Tanaka

"Canada and Japan in the Twentieth Century"
Floyd Cowan

"De Gaulle et le Quebec" (JAPANESE)
Masaharu Nakamura

Journal #7 (Spring 1991)

"Poe's Coincidences: An Intersection of Literature and History" (JAPANESE)
Kii Nakano

"The Catholic Background of Coughlinism and McCarthyism" (JAPANESE)
Hiroaki Shiozaki

"Clarence Randall and The Control of Sino-Japanese Trade"
Sayuri Shimizu

"American Medical Ethics: One observation" (JAPANESE)
Tamayo Okamoto

Pearl Harbor Reexamined" (JAPANESE)
Yoshiyuki Miyazaki

"Canada's Confederation: A Story of an Ordeal" (JAPANESE)
Shigeru Akita

Journal #6 (Autumn 1990)

"Japan's Northern Territories: From an Impasse to Building a North Pacific Regional Security System"
Kimitada Miwa

"Japan-U.S. Frictions Seen from Localities: Adjustment of Local Interests As Key to Opening"
Atsushi Kusano

"The Waning of American Power: American Ethos on Trial"
Shun'ichi Takayanagi

"Canada and Japan in Pacific Partnership: Implications and Reconsiderations"
John Schultz

"The Growth of Canadian Studies in Japan
Kensei Yoshida

Presidents and American Foreign Policy: Some Current Perspectives" (JAPANESE)
Haruya Anami

Journal #5 (Spring 1990)

"The Rise and Fall of Economic History and Policy Change"
Tadashi Kawata

"Ambition and American Public Life"
Todd Joseph Miles Holden

"The American Politics and Political Ethics: on the enactment and application" (JAPANESE)
Kazumi Fujimoto

"Joy Kogawa's Obasan: A Study in Political Efficacy" 
Carol Fairbanks

"The American Attraction and the Attractiveness of Quebec"
Michel Sarra-Bournet

"John Hilliker, Canada's Department of External Affairs: vol. 1: The Early Years, 1909-1946" (JAPANESE)
Kyoichi Tachikawa

Journal #4 (Autumn 1989)

"No Madame Butterflies: The American Womans Scholarship for Japanese Women"
Louise Ward Demakis

"At Home in America: Applied Scientific Research"
Frank Scott Howell, S. J.

"Making of the Americans: Journalism in the Political Organized Society"
Motoko Tsuchida

"Canadian Feature Film: A Ward of the State"
Aaron Bor

"Rebirth and Reassessment: The Oral Narratives of Hiroshima's A-Bomb Survivors"
Donna R. Casella

"A Revolution American Style"
Tuchida Hiroshi

"Canadian and Australian Immigration Compared" (JAPANESE)
Nobuaki Suyama

Journal #3 (Spring 1989)

"Canadian Uniquesness: A Historical Perspective"
Stephen Kenny

"Peace Studies in Canadian Universities" (JAPANESE)
Yukio Satow

"The Reagan Administration and the Expansion of the Military-Industrial Complex"
Hideki Kan

"The 1988 Presidential Election and the Future of U.S." (JAPANESE)
Mitsuhiro Saotome

"Contemporary Politics in the American South"
Charles S. Bullock, III

"A Fresh Approach to the Canadian Politics" (JAPANESE)
Akira Nakamura

"A Historical Survey of the Translation of American Children's Literature in Japan" (ENGLISH AND JAPANESE)
Yumiko Taniguchi 

Journal #2 (Autumn 1989)

"Watsuji Tetsuro on American Civilization"
Shun'ichi Takayanagi

"Bilingualism in Canada"
Conrad Fortin, S. J.

"A Neo-Realistic Look at Canada - Changes and the Unchangeable in Canadian Political Culture" (JAPANESE)
Yutaka Takenaka

"Trends in U.S. - Japan Econoimc Relations from 1955-1986"
Hideo Kanemitsu

"Studies of American Economy - Recent Works by Some Japanese Authors" (JAPANESE)
Jaw-Yann Twu

"A Japanese View on the Contemporary American Economy"
Mitsuyoshi Arai

Journal #1 (Spring 1988) 

"The Reform Frontier and the American Character"
Robert H. Walker

"Canada's Role in World Affairs"
David M. L. Farr

"Peace Studies in American Universities" (JAPANESE)
Mitsuo Okamoto

"Canada and Japan in the Pacific Age"
Kimitada Miwa

"The Birth of the Christian Science Movement and its Social Background"
Kazuyuki Matsuo

Saul Bellow, More Die of Heartbreak" (JAPANESE)
Makoto Tanno

"Tadashi Aruga, Amerikasgu Gairon (General Survey of American History)" (JAPANESE)
Hiroshi Tsuchida