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March 6th, 2019 Volume.12 (221 pages)
Reviewing the European Refugee/Migration Crisis
-A Reflection on European Refugee and Migration Crisis
Midori Okabe
-« La politique migratoire de la France face à l’européanisation de la
politique d’imigration et d’asile »
Masaharu Nakamura
-Neue Tendenzen in der Integrationspolitik für Flüchtlinge―Deutschlands
Weg zur Bewältigung der Flüchtlingskrise
Nami Thea Ohnishi
-The radical immigration policy changes in Italy: Reinforcement of
regulations after 2017
Hirohito Yasoda
-The Development of Portugal-Morocco Relations and International Migration
Yasuhiro Nishiwaki
-Immigration and Poland Conceptual Immigrants Inciting a Social Crisis?
Akira Ichikawa
-The 2019 Election of the European Parliament in Hungary and the
European Refugee Problem
Akira Ogino
-Coalition Bargaining Processes in Western Europe
Sho Niikawa
Submitted Articles
-“New Combinations” as an approach for efficient participation of local
residents in regional enterprises in rural areas: a case from Germany
Kazue Haga
-Riflessioni sugli studi e sulle definizioni critiche sul futurismo
Sayaka Yokota
-Surveiller et exploiter, Laïcisation des hôpitaux de Lyon au début de
la IIIe République
Hiroki Tanaka
Research Notes
-Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte and Worker Housing: Extinction of Poverty and
the International Exposition of 1867 in Paris
Kotone Omori
Visit Report
-The French-Japanese Foundation of EHESS: ten years of interdisciplinary
and international research
Brieuc Monfort
-Verleihung des 22. Noma-Preises für die Übersetzung japanischer
Literatur Frankfurt am Main, 17. Oktober 2019
Mechthild Duppel

Sophia European Studies Series


March 16th, 2021 Volume.13 (170 pages)
“Comparative and Contrastive Studies in Slavic Languages and Literatures―Japanese Contributions to the Sixteenth International Congress of Slavists―”

Table of Contents

– Preface Shin’ichi Murata
– Extrapolating Historical Language Change from Linguistic Maps: The Formation of the Personal Pronoun System in Macedonian Yumi Nakajima
– The Twelve Dreams of King Shahaisha: Comparison of early Russian and South Slavonic copies Keiko Mitani
– Славянская драматургия эпохи модернизма и постмодерна, посвященная первой жене Адама: карнавальные мотивы в пьесах об Адаме и Лилит Синъити Мурата
– The Strangers Known To Émigrés in the 1950’s: Remizov’s “Literary Salon” in Paris  Hikaru Ogura
– Аллегорический образ «смерти-свадьбы» в славяно-балканском фольклоре Ичиро Ито

Film Seminar


March 3rd, 2015 (37 pages).