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European Info (EU i)

 Since 1963, the European Commission has founded about 500 European Info (EU i) in the world to support study, teaching and research of the European integration processes.
EU i provide access for academic users and citizens alike to all kind of information on the European Union. In Japan, 19 EU i are located in universities along with one DEP in the National Diet Library.

 The Central Library of Sophia University was designated EDC (European Documentation Centre) in 1985. The function was transferred to the Germanic Cultural Research Institute in November 2006, and reopened as EU i. The role has been taken over by the European Institute since April, 2007.
At present, EU-related books and journals are housed in the Institute for public use.

 Users are welcome to use the EU i the same way as the European Institute library services. EU materials can be searched on the Sophia OPAC system, but please be informed that CD-ROMs and DVDs are not included.

Information Materials

 Official publications of the European Union are mostly written in English, with many also available on the EU official website.
Materials, such as, the Official Journal, Treaties, annual report, Bulletin of the EU, statistical publications, etc., and information materials on the each policy, which are provided by the Office for Official Publications of the European Communities in Luxembourg.

■Official Journal of the European Union(OJ)
OJ from 1984 until 1997 is available in print at the Institute.
Since 1998, and electronic version has been made available and the Institute houses CD-ROMs. The OJ is published in two separate series, L (Legislation) and C (Information and Notices).

■Documents(COM documents)

■General Report on the Activities of the European Union

■Reports of Cases before the Court of Justice

■“Europe” – magazine issued in Japanese

EU Relevant Sites

EUROPA(Europe Server)
Delegation of the European Uion to Japan
TED: Tenders Electronic Diary