The European Institute boasts a wide collection of academic resources related to European studies. Approximately 44,000 works of literature, documents, and audio/video software are classified and open for public use.
Users can search by OPAC at Sophia University, and find them either at the Institute on the 7th floor, or in the library on the same floor.

◆Archives stored in the Institute(OPAC search available.)

Some materials are stored in closed stack shelves. Please ask staff for assistance.

  • Music Documents in Spanish Section (include AV materials: Call Number begins “7-G”)
  • AV materials in Spanish and Austrian Section
  • AV materials in EUi → Users can only search by PC in the Institute)
  • New materials about EU(unregistered on OPAC)


◆New arrivals


  List of new arrivals 2018

◆Open Archives on the Central Library 7F (OPAC search available.)

  • German Section (including Uda and Ito Collections)
  • Austrian Section
  • European Section
  • Swiss Section (including Yonei Collection)
  • Spanish Collection
  • Spanish Civil War Section
  • Portuguese Section(collected by the former Portuguese Institute)
  • EU Documents【EUi】

◆How to Use and Check-out

 Our Collections are open for public use.
Those without Sophia ID can borrow books at the European Institute Reception.

Check-out procedure

  • Users who have Sophia ID or library Membership can make check-out and return procedures at a Library counter on 1F.
  • Users without Sophia ID can make those procedures at the European Institute Reception.

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri 10:00-17:00 (closed 11:30-12:30)
(Closed Days: Sat, Sun, National and University Holidays)