Publication |Sophia Linguistica

Multiple Case Valuation via Merge: In View of Japanese Tough- Constructions


Takakazu Nagamori


This paper aims to establish a new system of Multiple Case Valuation via Merge, through
investigations into the syntax of Japanese Tough-Constructions. More specifically,
contrary to the prevailing view that a nominal cannot receive more than one Case, I wish
to argue that this is possible in the computational system of human language (CHL) and that
Japanese Tough-Constructions really instantiate such a possibility. I will argue, building
on the insights of Bruening (2001) and Narita (2007), that Merge as well as Agree does
not eliminate the Case feature of a nominal. The elimination of the Case feature of a
nominal is done by Spell-Out at each phase in a cyclic manner. This timing dichotomy
between Merge and Spell-Out, then, implies that as long as the nominal is not affected by
Spell-Out, it remains active and retains its ability to receive another Case value via further
Merge. I will also explore some implications of the proposed system for the theory of