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Sophia Linguistic Institute for International Communication Annual Report 1997-2013

The Institute compiles the activity of each academic year in the annual report.


Minutes of the symposium held in 2001 on Negation.
Laurence R. Horn et al., include 9 articles

Syntactic and Interpretive Perspectives

  • Yasuhiko Kato
    Negation in English and Japanese: Some (A)symmetries and their Theoretical Implications
  • Sadayoshi Ogawa
    Contrastive Negation in Medieval and Modern French
  • Akira Watanabe
    Feature Checking and Neg-Factorization in Negative Concord

Pragmatic and Cognitive Perspectives

  • Laurence R. Horn
    The Logic of Logical Double Negation
  • Akiko Yoshimura
    A Cognitive-Pragmatic Approach to Metalinguistic Negation
  • Masa-aki Yamanashi
    Negation and Natural Logic

Developmental and Historical Perspectives

  • Etsuko Hatano
    Early Acquisition of Negation in Preverbal to Two-Word Utterrance Infancy
  • Masaru Kajita
    A Dynamic Approach to Linguistic Variations
  • Masatomo Ukaji
    Some Aspects of Negation in the History of English
Edited by Yasuhiko Kato SOPHIA UNIVERSITY, TOKYO 2002

Sophia Linguistica special issues vol. 1 – 10

Biannual Date book compiling the trends abroad in linguistics from 1978 to 1998.
They include more than 700 bibliography, bibliographic index by topic, and subject index ranging from theoretical linguistics to sociolinguistics.