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4th International Language Management Symposium: Reconsidering ‘the process’ in Language Management

Date2015.9.26 –27, 2015 (Sat & Sun) 10:00-18:00 (The venue opens at 9:30)

The International Language Management Symposium aims to bring together scholars working with Language Management Theory (LMT) or in related fields, to advance research and encourage collaboration. The LMT framework, originally developed by J. V. Neustupný and B. H. Jernudd in 1987, specifically examines different facets of behavior toward language, which can be seen in both individual micro-level interactions and also macro and meso-level language planning and policy. The process at the centre of LMT consists of the noting (of deviations or other phenomena), the evaluation of the noted phenomena, the formulation of adjustment plans and the implementation of those plans. LMT has been applied to a wide range of contexts where individuals interact, such as school, work and the home and has also been used to analyse behavior toward language in institutions of varying complexity, such as families, social and political groups, universities, corporations, government ministries, the media, etc. Another important feature of LMT research is that it takes a broad view of linguistic activities, to include both communicative and sociocultural elements. The Fourth Language Management Symposium, to be held in Tokyo, will have a special focus on ‘the process’ in language management and welcomes papers based on empirical studies that question or make suggestions to improve the original process model. Recent studies have highlighted, for example, the dialectical relationship between language use on the micro level and language planning on the macro and meso levels (Nekvapil, 2009), the existence of pre-interaction management, whereby language management takes place to prevent a deviation from occurring (Nekvapil & Sherman, 2009), or the possibility of adding a further feedback/ post-implementation stage (Kimura, 2013). For details, see . The Fourth Language Management Symposium will also include a special panel discussion, sponsored by Sophia University, which will address the development of LMT research in different parts of the world.

Invited speakers
Bjorn Jernudd    Independent Researcher, Washington D.C.
Jiri Nekvapil    Charles University,Prague
Sau Kuen Fan    Kanda University of International Studies, Chiba

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