SIAS Working Paper Series 38

42. KAWASHIMA Midori (ed.), Comparative Study of Southeast Asian Kitabs (7): Islamic Books and Learning in Thailand, 2022

Preface, a list of graphs, Introduction, and bibliography are compiled in each chapter's PDF file as below.

Preface(Kawashima, Midori), pp. v-vi

The Collection of Islamic Books from Bangkok, Thailand, at Sophia University: A Catalogue with Comments(Kawashima, Midori、Fathrahman, Oman、Kobayashi, Masashi、Nishi, Naomi、Nurtawab, Ervan、Ogawa, Hisashi), pp. 1-54

Reviving the Qur'an School: Changes in Islamic Basic Education in Southern Thailand(Ogawa, Hisashi), pp. 55-69