Phonetics Laboratory | Talks


  • Mahuyu Kitahara (Waseda Univ.)

    Production and perception of allophonic variations in L2   Jan 14, 2016

  • Pierre Hallé (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France)

    Prothetic /e/ heard in #sC by Spanish listeners: A case study of “phonotactic repair”   Dec. 10  2015

  • Pierre Hallé (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France)

    Phonological Priming Effects in Naming versus Phoneme Monitoring Tasks with Picture Stimuli as Targets    Nov. 26 2015

  • Catherine Best (Professor and Chair in Psycholinguistic Research
    MARCS Institute and School of Humanities & Communication Arts
    University of Western Sydney)

    Devil or Angel in the details? Phonetic variation and the complementary principles of Phonological Distinctiveness and Phonological Constancy 2015 07 18

  • J.C.Williams
    Probabilistic analysis of syllable features in English  2014.11.27

  • Takaaki Shochi (Bordeaux University)
    Audio visual prosody in face to face communication 2014. 10. 30

  • Caroline Menezes (University of Toledo, USA)
    Changes in vowel space between clinically normal and apraxic speech  2014.07.18

  • Tajima Keiichi (Housei University)
    Perception of prosody in a non-native language: The case of Japanese listeners’ perception of English syllable structure  2013.11.27

  • Donna Erickson(SOLIFIC Researcher)
    Observations about Jaw Displacement Patterns in Japanese  2013.10.29

  • Catita Williams, Donna Erickson, Osamu Fujimura.
    Using EMA to measure jaw displacement  2013.05.02

  • Ursula Hirschfeld (Halle-Wittenberg University)
    Kontrastive Phonetik Japanisch-Englisch- Deutsch  2013.03.22

  • Shinichi Tokuma (Chuo Univesity)
    The effect of F0 peak-delay on the L1/L2 perception of English lexical stress  2013.02.01

  • Donna Erickson (SOLIFIC Fellow)
    Speech production and applications to second language learning  2012.9.28

  • Bryan Gick(University of Britisch Columbia)
    Constrictions aren’t what we thought they were: biomechanical simulations and production results  2012.6.21

  • Naoko Ito(Tsukuba University)
    X_JToBI  2012.4.10

  • Ian Wilson(Aizu University)
    Speech Research Using Ultrasound  2012.3.12

  • Yosuke Igarashi(Hiroshima University)
    Accent system of the Miyako Ikema dialect of Ryukyuan  2012.3.8

  • Hajime Takeyasu(Mie University)
    Influence of pitch on vowel length perception: results of logistic regression analyses 2012.3.1 – 2

  • Rachid Ridouane(CNRS, France)
    Berber word-initial geminate stops: Production and perception  2011.12.16

  • Mikio Giriko(NINJAL)
    Nihongo ni okeru akusento to keitaiso  2010.10.25

  • Elisabeth Selkirk (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
    Distinguishing contrastive, new and given information (A collaborative work with Angelika Kratzer)  2010.2.23

  • Sylvain Detey (Waseda University)
    Oral language education, linguistic variation and electronic corpora : The case of French  2010.1.29

  • Donna Erickson (Showa Music University)
    An articulatory account of rhythm, prominence, and phrasal organization  2010.1.27

  • Masako Fujimoto(NINJAL, Sophia University)
    Mechanism of vowel devoicing and variation  2009.12.14

  • Caroline Féry (University of Potsdam)
    Interfaces with information structure in a typological perspective  2009.9.7

  • Sang-Cheol Ahn(Kyung Hee University)
    On the evolution of the laryngeal contrasts in Korean  2009.7.6

  • Mariko Kondo(Waseda Universty)
    Onin kisoku to onsei deeta: onseideeta kara mietekuru mono  2009.1.27

  • Kim, J. (TUFS)
    Jikken onseigakuteki na houhou wo tuujite okonau situteki de ryooteki na kenkyuu 2008.11.14

  • Michael Ashby and Kayoko Yanagisawa(University College London)
    The UCL phonetics archives and Tsutomu Chiba  2008.11.7