【Thursday 24 January, 2019】
Diane Massam (University of Toronto)・Yves Roberge (University of Tronto)
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【Saturday 26 January, 2019】
Henry Widdowson・Barbara Seidlhofer・Kensaku Yoshida・Kumiko Murata・Makoto Ikeda
Title:Diversity in ClIL in Plurilingual Communities of Practice
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【December 10, 2018】
Matthew Davis
Title:One Year of CLIL Adapting MEXT Approved Textbooks for CLIL in Senior High
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【June 1,2018】
Dr Christina Gkonou (Department of Language and Linguistics University of Essex,UK)
Title:Emotion labor, dissonance and emotional rewards in language classrooms
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Closing Notice (February 15th)

The research room will be closed on February 15th due to entrance examination.

Graduate Students of linguistics at Sophia University can’t use the research room.



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【November 13, 2017】

Professor Steve Walsh (Newcastle University, U.K.)

Title:L2 Classroom Interactional Competence and Teacher Development

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【November 11, 2017】

Dr. Joseph Lo Bianco (Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne)

Title:” Multilingualism, the literacy of the 21st century ”

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The research room will be closed on July 31th to August 31th (Summer vacation) and September 13th (entrance examination).

Only graduate students of linguistics at Sophia Univ. and faculty of Sophia Univ. can use the research room as usual except September 13th.



We added a list of Newly Acquired Books