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【Online Symposium】 Learning Outcome and Quality Assurance in Higher Education for Transformative Education

Date2022.1.30 Sunday, 12:30-17:00 (JST)

Online (Japanese-English Simultaneous Translation Available)

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Opening Remarks:Prof. Takashi Okada, Vice-President for Academic Research Affairs, of Sophia University

Introduction of the Research Project: Prof. Miki Sugimura (Sophia University)

Keynote Speech: Dr. Noah W. Sobe (Senor Project Officer, Future of Learning and Innovation, Education Sector, UNESCO)
”Reimagining our futures together: Higher education and the common good”

Discussants:Prof. James Williams(George Washington University)& Prof. Mikiko Nishimura (International Christian University)

Part I: Learning Outcome and Quality Assurance in Interdisciplinary Studies

Profs. Tatsuo Nunoshiba and Ryosuke Fujinuma (International Christian University) & Profs. Taro Komatsu and Mikiko Sugiura (Sophia University)

Part II: Learning Outcome and Quality Assurance in Global Communication

Mr. Simon Evans and Ms. Susan Edwards (International Christian University) & Dr. Takanori Sato and Dr. Chantal Hemmi (Sophia University)

Panel Discussion/Q&A: Moderataor: Dr. Chantal Hemmi (Sophia University)

Closing Remarks: Prof. Miki Sugimura (Sophia University)

MC:. Dr. Takehito Kamata (Sophia University)


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