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The Journal of Global Environmental Studies

Issue No.19(2023)
Issue No.18(2022)
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Post-Branding Project

Trans-disciplinary Undertaking for Achieving SDGs – Focus on Water – Energy – Urban – Rural Nexus –

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Branding Project

Trans-disciplinary and Trans-national Research Program for Achieving Regional Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through River Basin Environment Conservation and Management

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Collaborative Course with Mitsubishi Corporation (2000–2016)
As part of our environmental education activities, with the support of Mitsubishi Corporation, the institute conducted the General Studies Courses of “Environment and Science I and II”, and “Environmental Studies I and II” since 2000 (the followed initial courses that started in 1996 in the Faculty of Science and Technology). It also involved an open lecture program targeted at Sophia University students and the general public, under the general theme of the global environment. Approximately 720 students and members of the public participated these lectures annually. The lecture series was delivered by a number of experts, and included topics such as Energy and environment, World population problems, and Environmental risk management. Textbooks of these lectures are edited and issued by the institute through cooperation with each lecturer. From the Fiscal year 2017, the lecture program continued through the Sophia University Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies.