Online seminar "Beyond Centre-Periphery Approach: Inter-minority Tensions and Development of Contested Categories of Kurdish Mobilisation in Iran" will be held on Sunday, June 19th.


Kurdish history in the last several decades represents their proclivity towards ethnic mobilisation. The identity politics that shape the incentive behind the mobilisation of different Kurdish subgroups are usually complex and occasionally serve contradictory political ambitions. To unfold such complexities, as this research suggests, shifting the lens of analysis from a common centre-periphery (state vs. Kurdish nationalist) approach to comprehending the identity politics in the local context is helpful. This research takes an interest in the ethnographic study of the social processes that shape the dynamics of Kurdish mobilisation in multi-ethnic Urmia city in northwest Iran, where Kurmanji-speaking Kurds live together with Azerbaijani Turks, and in close proximity to Sorani-speaking Kurds of Iran in neighbouring areas. It is argued that for the subjects of this study, the strategies for political mobilisation in the local field of Urmia often contradict each other, varying from denial of the Kurdish nation at the inter-ethnic level to dividing it at the intra-ethnic level and romanticising it at the transnational level. The broader contribution of this research is to elucidate that the contradictory ethnic mobilisation incentives could coexist independently from pursuing an exclusive political end when they all are characterised by an emancipatory force?a politico-symbolic struggle over power and prestige.

organizersThe Sophia University Institute of Asian, African, and Middle Eastern Studies
MEXT Grant-in Aid for Transformative Research Areas (A)“Connectivity and Trust Building in Islamic Civilization”(Islamic Trust Studies)BO1 The Ideas of the Muslim Community and State System (Leader: Nobuaki Kondo)
date and timeJune 19, 2022 15:00 - 17:00
titleBeyond Centre-Periphery Approach: Inter-minority Tensions and Development of Contested Categories of Kurdish Mobilisation in Iran
speakerDr. Mostafa Khalili (JSPS Overseas Research Fellow, Visiting Researcher of the IAAMES)
Commentator: SAKAI Keiko(Professor at the Faculty of Law, Politics and Economics, Chiba University)
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