Cultural Heritage Studies Seminar, Reconsideration of the global standards of Angkor, was held on February 5.


Lectures of the seminar are opened by following Youtube channel:

organizersSophia University Asia Center for Research and Human Development
IAAMES, Sophia University
IPCR-CSEAS Kyoto University
APSARA National Authority
Royal University of Fine Arts
date and timeFebruary 5, Friday, 2021
14:30-16:30 (in Cambodia time), 16:30-18:30 (in Tokyo time)
Online: Zoom meeting
themeReconsideration of the global standards of Angkor
programChairperson: Nhim Sotheavin
14:30-15:30 (in Cambodia time): Presentations
1.Im Sokrithy, APSARA National Authority, Angkor and its Landscape in the History of Cambodia
2.Nhim Sotheavin, Sophia University, Cultural Heritage Education in Angkor: From Academics in Archaeology to the Local Community
3.Marui Masako, Sophia University, Historical Dialogues between Archaeology and a Local Community in Angkor
15:30-16:30 (in Cambodia time): Questions
referencesSophia Journal of Asian, African, and Middle Eastern Studies, No.37, 2019.