Lecture "The right to learn: Problems of education in the present Myanmar/Burma" will be held on Saturday, December 21st.

2019年11月28日 13:28:10

The lecture will review the state of education in Myanmar/ Burma over the past decade and a half as the country has been undergoing a profound, albeit still incomplete transformation. It will start by introducing education of government, private, monastic and ethnic schools. Drawing on a decade and a half of fieldwork across the country, the lecture will discuss both the problems in this sector as well as the reforms that promise solutions. The education reforms are particularly important, as over the past seven decades, education has served as a litmus test for judging the level of openness of any Myanmar government. The talk therefore situates the state of Myanmar,s education sector today within the context of the wider reforms and the peace process that started in 2012.

organizerInstitute of Asian, African, and Middle Eastern Studies Sophia University
date and timeDecember 21st, 2019 (Sat.) 15:30-17:00
titleThe right to learn: Problems of education in the present Myanmar/Burma
speakerProfessor Marie Lall
University College London(UCL), Institute of Education (Education, South Asian Studies)
venueSophia University, Yotsuya Campus
Building no.2, 4F Room 408
admissionFree admittance. No reservation required. All who are interested are welcome to attend.