2012 Symposium

2012 Symposium

June 8

Sophia Symposium “After Katrina and 3.11: Representation, Politics, Culture”

Keynote Lecture: 6:30pm, Sophia Library, Room 911

Diane Negra, University College Dublin (Ireland)
“Comparative Cultural Narratives of Disaster: Katrina and 3.11”

June 9

Paper Session: 1:00-3:45pm, Sophia Library, room 911

・Joy Fuqua, Media Studies, Queens College (US) “Proximity of Disaster: Spatial Dislocation and     TelevisualPresence from New Orleans to Japan”

・Stephen Shapiro, English and Comparative Studies, Warwick University (UK)
“Cultural World-Systems Periodization and Periodicity: Methodologies
for Comparative Catastrophe for Literary, Lens Media, and Cultural Studies”
・Yayoi Haraguchi, Sociology, Ibaraki University (Japan)
 “Reviewing Resilience: Nature, Society, and Technology”
・Nobuko Nishizaki and Kaoru Terunuma, Fukushima University (Japan)
 ”Severe Circumstances in Fukushima and the Importance of Hoyou Projects after 3.11″

Chair and comment: Julia Leyda, Sophia University (Japan)

Community Arts Activism Presentation and Student Workshop:
4:00-5:45pm, Sophia Library, room 911

・Anne Gisleson, co-founder of Press Street Collective and community arts activist (US)
“Nourish and Flourish: Community Arts Initiatives in Post-Katrina New Orleans”
・Julia Leyda and Anne Gisleson, facilitators
“Nourish and Flourish in Post-3.11 Japan” Student Workshop