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The institute sponsors lectures by scholars both from Japan and abroad.  Lectures are open to anybody interested. 

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Sophia American Studies Colloquium

The institute holds “Sophia American Studies Colloquium” for scholars and graduate students.  This colloquium is meant to provide an opportunity for mutual stimulation and communication for younger scholars. 

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・On-Campus Joint Workshops
2011-2013 America and the Atlantic World: Searching for an American Identity from Transatlantic Perspectives
2002-2004 Public Space and American Society
2000-2001 Present Society and Multiculturalism
1997-1999 Area Studies and Foreign Language Education
1997-1999 Cultural Changes during the Occupation Period
1994-1996 Nature Writing
1994 The Present Situation and Possibility of Regional Cooperation between North American Nations and Asian Nations: From Historical, Political, Economic, and Cultural Point of Views.
1991-1994 Japanese Presence, Migration, and Settlement in the Pacific Area in the 1920s.
1991-1992 The Interchanges and Interrelations among the Pacific Nations: Immigration, Political Consciousness, Economy, and Culture.
1988-1990 The Pacific Relations between Japan, U.S., and Canada: Its Political, Economic, Historical, and Cultural Development.

・Off-Campus Joint Workshops
・Nikkei Studies


2012 After Katrina and 3.11:  Representation, Politics, Culture
2011 “Get Away From Me”: Canadian Popular Music and American Culture
2010 Together on Global Security Challenges for the Future
2010 Rethinking the Global Sixties from Transnational and Inter-Group Perspectives
2009 “Cracking the Glass Ceiling”: The Evolving Role of Women in Politics
2004 The World through American Looking Grass
1998 The 1898 War (The Spanish-American War)
1997 Area Studies and Foreign Language Education in Cultural Pluralism
1991 Beginnings of the Soviet-German and the U.S.-Japanese Wars and 50 Years After.