2010 Symposium

2010 Symposium

June 5

Symposium: “Together on Global Security Challenges for the Future”

Group Discussion
1) U.S.- Japan Relations and Regional Security
Steve Clemons (New America Foundation)
Toshihiro Nakayama (Aoyama Gakuin University)

2) Counter-terrorism
Scott Bates (Center for National Policy)
Katsuhisa Furukawa (Research Institute of Science and Technology for Society)

3) Environmental Security and Climate Change
Miranda Schreurs (Freie Universitat Berlin)
Toshi H. Arimura (Sophia University)

4) Informal Movement of Labor and People Across International Borders
Cristina Rodriguez (New York University)
Naoko Hashimoto (International Organization for Migration Tokyo

June 6

Keynote Speech: James Fallows (National Correspondent, The Atlantic Monthly)
Moderator: Kazuto Oshio (Sophia University)
Panel Moderator: Toshi Minohara (Kobe University)
Panel: Toshi H. Arimura, Scott Bates, Steve Clemons, James Fallows, Naoko Hashimoto, Toshihiro Nakayama, Cristina Rodriguez, Miranda Schreurs

December 11

Symposium: “Rethinking the Global Sixties from Transnational and Inter-Group Perspectives”
Session I: Global Sixties: Crossing National Boarders in the Sixties
Chairperson: Tadahisa Izeki (Chuo University)
Commentator: Hideo Otake (Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts)
“Democratic Culture, Social Change Movements and the International Sixties”
David Farber (Temple University)

“Between Prague Spring and French May: Transnational Dimension of the 1960s/1970s Protest Movement in Europe”
Joachim Scharloth (Dokkyo University)

“Interpretations of the Sixties in Japan and the US: Historical Assessment and Voices from the Sixties Generation”
Daizaburo Yui (Tokyo Woman’s Christian University)

Session II: Interactions for Social Change: Crossing Social Boundaries in the Sixties America Chairperson: Kazuto Oshio (Sophia University)
Commentator: Natsuki Aruga (Saitama University, Emeritus)
“African American Expatriates in Ghana and the Global ‘Long Hot Summer’ of the 1960s”
Kevin K. Gaines (University of Michigan)

“The Sixties in the Age of Three Worlds: The Impact of Third World Revolutions on the American Left”
Toru Umezaki (Ferris University)

“An International Perspective on the Impact and Legacies of the American Anti-Vietnam War Movement”
Hiroshi Fujimoto (Nanzan University)

“Defining Women: American Struggles over Sex and Gender in the Sixties”
Beth Bailey (Temple University)