2008 Nikkei Studies

The 1st Meeting

May 24 Alberto Fonseca Sakai (Assistant Professor, Josai International University)
“Tangled Nikkei and Latino Identities: Examining a Latin American Community in Japan through Ethnic Newspapers”

The 2nd Meeting

October 24
Taishou Nakayama
“The Japanese Emperor and Agricultural Migrants in Southern Sakhalin under the Japanese Administration”

The 3rd Meeting

November 22
Takamuchi Go (Japanese American Living Legacy)
“Nikkei Studies through Ethnic Studies: for more understanding, searching more necessity, for development and advancement of Nikkei people in Japan ”

The Forth Meeting

December 20 Shigeru Kojima (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
“The difinition of Nikkei[jin] and its transformation”
Hikoro Noma (University of Victoria)
“A Case of Japanese Language Schools in Vancouver: Beyond Heritage Language Education”

The 5th Meeting Film viewing

January 23 Producer:Nanako Kurihara (2008, 59 mins)
“Un Senhor Do Brazil visitando brazileiros no Japao”

The 6th Meeting

February 17
Patricia Yano (PhD candidate, Nagoya City University)
“Japanese-Brazilians Living in Japan: The Case of Brazilians Families Living in Gifu Prefecture and their Problems on Adaptation”

The 7th Meeting

March 20 Takamuchi Go (Omoide Project)
Yoko Tsukuda(Tokyo Univ.)
Kodama Oba(Sophia Univ.)
Yuko Yamade(Ochanomizu Univ)
Francisco Oswaldo Alfaro Perez (Osaka Univ.) 
“Integration of Latin American Immigrants to the Local System of Education in Japan”
Johanna Zulueta(Hitotsubashi Univ.)
“Negotiating Place: ‘Return’ Migration, ‘Home’ and Identity in Okinawa ”
Pauline Cherrier(Musashi Univ.) 
“Brazilian Public Representation in Multicultural Japan ”
Yuukichi Niwayama(Tokyo Univ.)
“The Emergence of ‘Canadian Nikkei’: A New Era of Japanese Canadians”