Joyce E. Chaplin (James Duncan Phillips Professor, Harvard University)

-joint hosting with the Japanese Association of Early Americanists and Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A) “A Civil Society and Citizenship in Antebellum America”

-supported by the Japanese Association for Study of Puritanism

“Adam, Eve, and America in Population Theories before Thomas Robert Malthus”

December 6, 2014        15:00-17:00


Gordon Graham (Henry Luce III Professor, Princeton Theological Seminary)

-joint hosting with the Japanese Association for Study of Puritanism and Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C) No.23520037

-supported by the Japanese Association of Early Americanists

“Natural Theology and Natural Religion in the Scottish Enlightenment”

January 24, 2015         15:00-17:00



Deann Borshay Liem (Award-winning Filmmaker)

Ramsay Liem (Professor emeritus, Boston College)

-joint hosting with the Center for Global Discovery, Sophia University

“A Film Viewing and Talk ‘Memory of Forgotten War’”

May 20, 2014              18:00-19:30


Curtiss Takada Rooks (Assistant Professor, Loyola Marymount University)

-joint hosting with the KAKEHASHI Project – The Bridge for Tomorrow by Japan Foundation and U.S.-Japan Council

“Asian American Multiracial Identity and Diversity”

June 27, 2014              18:00-19:00


Masao Higashi (Editor, Literary Critic)

“Pacific Rim 1920s: Lovecraft, Kyusaku Yumeno and Ranpo Edogawa”

July 16, 2014              13:30-15:00


Sophia American Studies Colloquium

Jonathan Okamura (Professor, University of Hawaii)

“The Politics of Ethnicity: Maintaining Japanese American Political

Power in Hawai‘i”

July 9, 2014                                  17:00-18:30


Pamela Thoma (Associate Professor, Department of Critical Culture, Gender, and Race Studies, Washington State University)

“Mutating Figures in Postfeminist North American Chick Culture: Pregnant Teens, Tiger Mothers, and Orphan Clones’”

Commentator: Niels Bjerre-Pulesen (Associte Professor, Center for American Studies, University of Southern Denmark)

November 26, 2014                             18:00-19:30


Paul Sracic (Professor and Chair, Department of Political Science, Youngstown State University)

“U.S. Politics after the 2014 Midterm Elections”

December 17, 2014               17:00-18:30

Canadian Lecture Series

-joint hosting with Sophia University Department of French Studies and Association japonaise des études québécoises

Louis-Philippe Lampron (Professor, Université Laval)

“Après le projet de Charte des valeurs québécoises : quelle laïcité pour le Québec?”

January 5, 2015                              15:15-16:45

Louis-Philippe Lampron(Professor, Université Laval)

“L’interculturalisme québécois : entre multiculturalisme et républicanisme”

January 10, 2015                            11:00-12:30