【FILM SCREENING with Q-and-A】Lost Child?

Film title Lost Child?: A sister. A brother. And the film that made them family again.
Date June 14, 2023, 19:00-,  Doors open at 18:00
Venue Room 921, 9F Central Library, Sophia University Yotsuya Campus
*Visitors from outside the university are kindly asked to register at the library entrance.
After the screening Gregory Ruzzin will discuss the film with Department of English Studies lecturer Davey Young, an expert on inclusive education. Q-and-A moderated by filmmaker John Williams.
  Filmmaker Gregory Ruzzin is an Associate Professor of Film Production at the Loyola Marymount University School of Film and Television in Los Angeles. He teaches courses in fiction and documentary film directing. In 2022 Ruzzin was awarded a prestigious Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship for his project “SMALL WORLD THIS: Cycling, Climate Change, and Japan,” which explores the relationships between energy, cycling and the environment. He is hosted at Sophia University by Professor John Williams of the English Department and can be reached at
  In “LOST CHILD?” filmmaker Gregory Ruzzin invites you along on a lighthearted journey as he uses his camera to bridge an ever-widening gap between himself and his sister Alyssa, whom he sees only at obligatory family Christmases. After decades apart, Ruzzin and his sister struggle to reconnect as adults, and Ruzzin and his film meander into ever-deeper waters as her complex reality dismantles his imagined vision of his “little sister’s” life. What begins as Ruzzin’s attempt to salvage his withering relationship with his younger sister evolves into a journey of discovery, resulting in a vibrant and moving portrait of Alyssa Ruzzin, who struggles with epilepsy and a developmental disability as she makes a life for herself.
Jointly hosted by Department of English Studies, Sophia University
Collaborate with Institute of Comparative Culture, Sophia University
Language English