【Symposium】Practicing Power in the Global Asia-Pacific: Environments, Migrants and Womanhood

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Date 2018 December 14 (Fri) 9:30- 12:00/ 17:00- 18:30, December 15 (Sat) 10:10- 18:15, December 16 (Sun) 9:30- 12:00
Venue L-821, 8F, Central Library, Yotsuya Campus, Sophia University
Language Japanese/ English
Registration No previous registration is necessary
This symposium brings together scholars from the US, Switzerland and Japan to examine the trans-Pacific migrations, circulations, flows and networks from the late 19th century until the present. The symposium consists of three parts: 1) “Social and political history of whaling and fishing in the 19th- and 20th-century Pacific,” 2) “Women, bodies and power in the Asia-Pacific,” and 3) “Trans-plantation: Colonial sugar networks in the Asia-Pacific.” Our central discussion will be on various forms of materials, entities and agencies that crisscrossed and connected the Pacific, including people, the environment, animals, ships, skills, and ideas. At the same time, we will consider the meanings and roles of the Pacific Ocean as a space through which multi-layered networks and relationships were constructed between Asia, the Pacific Islands and North America. 

[Day 1] 14 December 2018

10:00- 12:30 
Pre-symposium Graduate Workshop: “Rethinking Mobility beyond Migration: Networks and Actors in the Pacific World, 1890s to 1960s” (Organiser: Keaki Matsudaira)

Participants from Sophia University:
・Keaki Matsudaira  “Trans-Border Mobility and Military Experience: Japanese Americans in the Asia-Pacific”

・Yukako Nagamura  “The Political Positions of Latin American Nikkei Students in Japan during WWII”

Participants from University of Zurich:
・Gonzalo San Emeterio Cabañes  “De-mythicizing Mori Koben: The Other Story of the First Japanese Traders and Migrants to Micronesia, Their mobility and their networks”

・David Walter Möller  “A ‘Soldier-turned-visitor: U.S. Servicemen, Female Labor and Militarized Tourism in Taiwan and Singapore (1965-1972)”

Comment:・Eiichiro Azuma (Professor, University of Pennsylvania)

17:00-18:30 Colloquium by graduate students (hosted by the Institute of American and Canadian Institute)
Lecturers: Gonzalo San Emeterio Cabañes and David Moeller 詳細

[Day 2] 15 December 2018

10:10-10:15 Opening Remarks   Noriko Ishii (The Director of the Institute of American and Canadian Studies, Sophia University)
10:15-10:30 Introduction   Shinzo Araragi, (Professor, Sophia University) and Mariko Iijima (Associate professor , Sophia University) 

10:30-11:30 Keynote Lecture ・David Chang (Professor, University of Minnesota) The King, the Emperor, the Republic and the Nation: Nationalism, Cosmopolitanism, and Intimacy in a Honolulu Insurrection, 1889

13:00- 15:30 
Panel 1: Social and Political History of Whaling and Fishing in the 19th- and 20th-Century Pacific (Panel Organiser: Yuko Konno)


・Fynn Juergen Holm (PhD Candidate, University of Zurich )
      “Burning down the Whaling Station: Anti-Whaling Movements in Northeast Japan”
・Jakobina Arch (Whitman College, Assistant Professor)
      “Taking Whales, Taking Spaces: Nineteenth Century Whaling’s Connections to the Imperial Expansions of Japan and the United States”
・Manako Ogawa, 小川真和子(Professor, Ritsumeikan University / 立命館大学文学部教授)
      “Tuna, Fishing, or Nuclear Testing: The Early Cold War Dialogue over the Exploitation of the Central Pacific”
 ・Yuko Konno, 今野裕子(Lecturer, Asia University / アジア大学講師)
     “Transpacific Community Building: Wakayama Villages and California’s Fishing Industry in the Early 20th Century”

Comment: Paul Kreitman (Associate Professor, Columbia University )

15:45- 18:15 
Panel 2: Women, Bodies and Power in the Asia-Pacific (Panel Organiser: Noriko Ishii)


Laura R. Prieto (Professor, Simmons College)
       “Intelligent Motherhood: Maternal Care and Education at a Women’s Mission Hospital in Colonial Manila, 1906-1940”
 Rumi Yasutake, 安武留美  (Professor, Konan University / 甲南大学教授)
     “Re-Franchising Women of Hawai‘i, 1912-1922: Settler Colonialisms and Politics of Gender, Race, Class, and Nation at the Crossroads of the Pacific”
Noriko Ishii, 石井紀子(Professor, Sophia University /上智大学教授)
    “Difficult Conversations across Religions, Race and Empires: American Women Missionaries and Japanese Christian Women during the 1930s and 1940s”
Jeong Min Kim ( Teaching Fellow, New York University-Shanghai)
      “From Military Supplies to Wartime Commodities: The Black Market for Bodies and Goods in Wartime Korea (1950-53)”

Comment: Motoe Sasaki, 佐々木一惠(Hosei University, Professor, 法政大学教授)

[Day 3] 16 December 2018

10:00- 12:30 
Panel 3: Trans-Plantation: Colonial Sugar Networks in the Asia-Pacific (Panel Organiser: Mariko Iijima)


Martin Dusinberre (Professor, University of Zurich) by video
      “The Changing Face of Labor between Hawai’i, Japan and Colonial Taiwan; or, The Friendship and the Frame”
Mariko Iijima, 飯島真里子(Associate Professor, Sophia University /上智大学准教授)
     “Sugar Islands in the Pacific in the Early 20th Century: Taiwan as a Protégé of Hawai‘i”
Miki Tsubota=Nakanishi, 坪田=中西美貴(Visiting Scholar, Sophia University / 上智大学客員研究員, 日本学術振興会特別研究員(RPD))
       “The Absence of Plantations in the Taiwanese Sugar Industry: Problems of Land and Labor under Japanese Rule”
Akiko Mori, 森亜紀子(PD, Doshisha University / 同志社大PD, 日本学術振興会特別研究員(PD))
      “A History of the Excluded: Rethinking the Sugar Industry in the Northern Mariana Islands under Japanese Rule”

Comment: Shun Ishihara, 石原俊(Professor, Meiji Gakuin University / 明治学院大学教授)

Closing Remarks Shun Ishihara