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Sandra Mckay (San Francisco State University, Professsor Emeritus)

Date2016.11.7 Monday 17:00-18:30

” What it means to know a word:Setting goals for vocabulary development “


This presentation explores what it means to know a word in its various dimensions. The presentation begins by discussing the connotational and denotational meaning of words and then explores in depth synonyms and collocations, two neglected but critical aspects of lexical development.  It also addresses issue of style, register and dialect.  The purpose of examining these aspects of lexical knowledge is to provide a foundation for determining how vocabulary development should be dealt with in foreign language classrooms.  The author argues that in structuring vocabulary work it is essential for teachers to consider both how the meaning of unknown words can be presented and how words should be introduced in structured chunks in the language classroom.  Ultimately, the purpose of the presentation is to encourage foreign language teachers to devote far more attention to direct lexical development in language classrooms.


Room 1-403 (Building No.1, 4F)Yotsuya Campus,Sophia University