Seminars,lectures and symposia

2017 Sophia Lectures on CLIL

Date2017.3.17 Friday 13:30-17:00 

Session1:Learning and teaching content and language in integration­

Session2:The roles of interaction in CLIL


Session 1:Learning and teaching content and language in integration­ – applications of systemic  functional linguistics
Research interests in Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) have predominantly focused on language learning outcomes. However, there has been a recent call for studies that explore how content and language can be best learnt in integration. In order for successful learning to take place, CLIL teachers and students need to be aware of the characteristics of different genres and registers intheir academic disciplines and the linguistic resources required to participate in those genres and registers. Using systemic functional linguistics, this session will address the characteristics of different school genres as well as the L2 resources that students need to express academic content (ideational metafunction), to appraise that content (interpersonal metafunction) and to produce and distinguish between spoken and written texts (textual metafunction).

Session 2:The roles of interaction in CLIL
In CLIL teaching and learning, teachers need to focus not only on what language and content students should learn, but also on how these are best learnt in integration in the context of the classroom. This session will address features of classroom interaction that enhance content and language integrated learning drawing on applied and educational linguistic models. It will focus not only on teacher-fronted sessions but also on the interactional opportunities generated in other student-centered activitiessuch as group discussions, project presentations and role plays.


L-821(Library 8F),Yotsuya Campus,Sophia University