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Visualizing Hungry Ghosts in Heian Japan: Gakizōshi Scrolls as "Translation"

Haruko Wakabayashi 75:2 (2020), pp. 205–39.

An Entrepreneurial Aristocrat: Matsugi Hisanao and the Forging of Imperial Service in Late Medieval Japan

Paula R. Curtis 75:2 (2020), pp. 241–79.

Childbirth in Japan circa 1700: Gleanings from the Diary of Yamamoto Heizaemon

Yokota Fuyuhiko (trans. Michael Burtscher) 75:2 (2020), pp. 281–315.

Book Review

Waka and Things, Waka as Things by Edward Kamens

Steven D. Carter 75:2 (2020), pp. 317–21.

Book Review

The Worship of Confucius in Japan by James McMullen

W. J. Boot 75:2 (2020), pp. 321–28.

Book Review

Flowering Tales: Women Exorcising History in Heian Japan by Takeshi Watanabe

Sonja Arntzen 75:2 (2020), pp. 328–33.

Book Review

Word Embodied: The Jeweled Pagoda Mandalas in Japanese Buddhist Art by Halle O'Neal

Cynthea J. Bogel 75:2 (2020), pp. 333–41.

Book Review

Shinra Myōjin and Buddhist Networks of the East Asian "Mediterranean" by Sujung Kim

Andrew Macomber 75:2 (2020), pp. 341–45.

Book Review

Kingdom of the Sick: A History of Leprosy and Japan by Susan L. Burns

Waka Hirokawa 75:2 (2020), pp. 345–49.

Book Review

Samurai: An Encyclopedia of Japan's Cultured Warriors by Constantine Nomikos Vaporis

Karl Friday 75:2 (2020), pp. 350–52.

Book Review

Caste in Early Modern Japan: Danzaemon and the Edo Outcaste Order by Timothy D. Amos

Constantine Vaporis 75:2 (2020), pp. 352–55.

Book Review

Imagining China in Tokugawa Japan: Legends, Classics, and Historical Terms by Wai-ming Ng

Bob Tadashi Wakabayashi 75:2 (2020), pp. 355–62.

Book Review

La foi des ancêtres: Chrétiens cachés et catholiques dans la société villageoise japonaise XVIIe –XIXe siècles by Martin Nogueira Ramos

Nathalie Kouamé 75:2 (2020), pp. 362–65.

Book Review

Tetsugaku Companion to Ogyū Sorai ed. W. J. Boot and Takayama Daiki

Kate Wildman Nakai 75:2 (2020), pp. 365–69.

Book Review

The Russian Discovery of Japan, 1670–1800 by David N. Wells

Igor Saveliev 75:2 (2020), pp. 369–72.

Book Review

47: The True Story of the Vendetta of the 47 Ronin from Akō by Thomas Harper

Jeroen Lamers 75:2 (2020), pp. 373–77.

Book Review

Gendered Power: Educated Women of the Meiji Empress' Court by Mamiko C. Suzuki

Elizabeth D. Lublin 75:2 (2020), pp. 377–81.

Book Review

Darwin, Dharma, and the Divine: Evolutionary Theory and Religion in Modern Japan by G. Clinton Godart

Jason Ānanda Josephson-Storm 75:2 (2020), pp. 381–84.

Book Review

Against Harmony: Progressive and Radical Buddhism in Modern Japan by James Mark Shields

Hans Martin Krämer 75:2 (2020), pp. 385–89.

Book Review

In Search of Our Frontier: Japanese America and Settler Colonialism in the Construction of Japan's Borderless Empire by Eiichiro Azuma

Tze M. Loo 75:2 (2020), pp. 389–92.

Book Review

Nothingness in the Heart of Empire: The Moral and Political Philosophy of the Kyoto School in Imperial Japan by Harumi Osaki

Andrew Feenberg 75:2 (2020), pp. 393–97.

Book Review

Divergent Memories: Opinion Leaders and the Asia-Pacific War by Gi-Wook Shin and Daniel Sneider

Barak Kushner 75:2 (2020), pp. 397–404.

Book Review

Fukushima Fiction: The Literary Landscape of Japan's Triple Disaster by Rachel DiNitto

Jordi Serrano-Muñoz 75:2 (2020), pp. 404–408.




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