【Lecture】Teaching about Privilege and Infusing Intersectionality

 Date 2018 5.11(Fri.)  17:00-18:30
Venue Central Library 9F, L-921, Yotsuya Campus, Sophia University
Language English
Registration No previous registration is necessary.
*Visitors from outside the university are kindly asked to register at the library entrance.
 Lecturer  Kim A. Case (Professor of Psychology, University of Houston-Clear Lake)
 No previous registration is necessary.

Teaching students and faculty to be aware of their privileges (unearned advantages based on social group belonging) is an essential step in social justice education and dismantling privilege. Dr. Kim A. case will discuss why it is important to teach about privilege using intersectional approaches, some of the drawbacks of teaching privilege using the single-axis approach, and specific ways in which we can infuse intersectionality in our teaching and in our curriculum.

Poster Kim A. Case