【Lecture】A Global History of the Korean War: The Black Market, Sex, and Military Scrip in 1950s Korea and Japan

 Date 2018 4.24(Tue.)  17:30-19:00
Venue Central Library 9F, L-921, Yotsuya Campus, Sophia University
Language English
Registration No previous registration is necessary.
*Visitors from outside the university are kindly asked to register at the library entrance.
 Lecturer Prof. Jeong Min Kim (Global Perspectives on Society Teaching Fellow, NYU Shanghai)

Jeong Min Kim’s study examines three forms of black markets – sex,
U.S. army goods and military scrip – that were central to social and
economic life in wartime Korea. By tracing how sexual transactions
between Korean women and American GIs became a crucial medium for the
wartime black market, her research sheds new lights on the global and
gendered processes that turned such army supplies and military scrip
to a quasi-currency on the local market. In this talk, she examines
how the black market for American military scrip grew as a
transnational sexual economy across Korea and Japan during the Korean
War. Her talk offers a new narrative of everyday life in 1950s Japan
and Korea at the intersection of close encounters between local women
and American GIs, the political economy of sexuality, and a global
history of war and military bases.