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Ethnographic Film

Produced by Prof. WAZAKI Seika (Chubu University) and others
Guli Armug'on
Online Distribution from July 30 to August 16, 2021, 24 mins. Screening ended

* No sound is included. Some browsers will not play the video automatically, so please click the play button.

The online distribution of this film has ended with about 700 page views . Thank you for viewing it, and please look forward to the next occasion.

The ethnographic short film Guli Armug'on , co-produced by Prof. WAZAKI Seika, an anthropologist working in Uzbekistan, and two Uzbek colleagues, was officially selected for the International Festival of Ethnological Film "KURATOVO 2020," the RAI (Royal Anthropological Institute) Film Festival 2021, the International Ethnographic Film Festival OKO 2021, and the Indigenous and Ethnographic Film Exhibition of the Congress of the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (IUAES) 2021 in Yucatán.

The Center for Islamic Studies (SIAS) at Sophia University has decided to release the film online for two weeks with the consent of Prof. WAZAKI, in the hope that it will receive a wider audience.

In addition to the trailer, reference materials, information about viewing, feedback, and contact information are available on this web page. Subtitles are only in English.

New! The film was also selected for screenplay at the 12th International Convention of Asia Scholars (ICAS12) Film Festival, which will be held online by Kyoto Seika University in late August. Congratulations!

[Information about Viewing]
  • The film will be provided as an mp4 file. The maximum resolution is 1080p (1920*1080). Most browsers and video viewing apps support mp4, so you don't need to specify the file format.
  • To play , click the play switch on the left side of the operation panel shown at the bottom of the image. You can also display it in full screen and change the resolution rate with the buttons on the right.
  • The distribution period is planned for 18 days, and you can view it at any time during this period. The copyright of the video belongs to the creator and cannot be downloaded.

Please send us your opinions, impressions, and comments regarding the video. Thank you for your cooperation in advance.

[Contact Information]
Center for Islamic Studies (SIAS), Sophia University: ias-iac[at]
To prevent spam mails, [at] is used instead of @. Thank you for your understanding.

* The distributed work was funded by the Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists "Anthropological Research on Tasawwuf in Contemporary Central Asia: Paying Attention to Sufi Poetry" [Principal Investigator: WAZAKI Seika, JSPS JP18K12604]and Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A) “Anthropological Studies on Veneration of Saints and Holy Relics in Islam and Christianity” [Principal Investigator: AKAHORI Masayuki, JSPS JP19H00564]. The online distribution is part of the activities of the NIHU Area Studies Project for the Modern Middle East and the Collaborative Research Project of Sophia University and Kyoto University "Histories and Current Situations of Interreligious Relations in Asia and Africa."

Research Activities

  • Sophia and Waseda Joint Research Project Histories and Current Situations of Interreliglous Relations in Asia and Africa
  • isramic area studies, sophia university(2006-2015)
  • Inter-University Research Institute Corporation National Institutes for the Humanities
  • Center for Modern Middle East Studies, National Museum of Ethnology
  • Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
  • Center for Islamic Area Studies at Kyoto University
  • Graduate school of international resource sciences,akita univercity
  • Organization for Islamic Area Studies,Waseda University
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