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AGLOS | Volume 11

-Articles-(2021 Symposium) Environmental Engagement: Linking Individuals and Nature in Times of Polarization
“The Bloomers:Reflections of “Grown-ups” on Intergenerational
Climate Justice”, 
Nico Mira,
M.A. in Graduate Program in Global Studies, Sophia University (2022)  
(accepted 2023-06-06, published 2023-07-07) 

-Articles-(2021 Symposium) Beyond Human Space – Reinterpretation of Tradition under the Global ‘New Normal’
“Reinterpretation and Rediscovery of Nature and Tradition
in Ishimure Michiko’s Lake of Heaven”,
Munia Hweidi,
Postdoctoral researcher at Faculty of Global Studies, Sophia University.
(accepted 2023-01-23, published 2023-04-21)

Online Journal AGLOS