Advantages of Studying at the Faculty of Global Studies

For the students aspiring to play a meaningful role in the global arena, FGS has the following merits:

  • An alternate Aspect of Global Education at Sophia University

Making optimum usage of the legacy of global education at Sophia that dates back a hundred years, including its foreign-language pedagogical know-how and tradition of offering assistance to students wishing to study abroad, FGS focuses on training students who desire to be professionals in a variety of fields.

  • Acquisition of Effective Tools for use by Professionals in the Global Society
International Relations (covering a wide range of areas such as politics, economy, and society in the context of globalization)
plus Area Studies (focusing on Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, the regions that are the engines of growth for Japan and the world but about which there are still few professionals in Japan)
equals the “Global Studies” you will find only at Sophia University.
  • A Faculty founded on the 40-year-old Graduate School of Global Studies

Sophia’s Graduate School of Global Studies boasts a forty-year history, dating back to the birth of its precursor, the Graduate School of Foreign Studies. It has all along provided innovative expertise as demanded by corporations and institutes the world over, during these many decades. Knowledge concerning the perspectives, theories, and experiences of that tradition are now provided as a full-fledged faculty at FGS.

  • A Menu for a Wider and more Accommodating Education

The selection of courses and fields of learning may be embarked upon liberally in line with the forthcoming careers of the students, who are subsequently enabled to proceed with their study in a systematic and proficient manner. The FGS promotes and keenly assists the efforts of the students as they participate in courses offered by other faculties, study overseas, engage in on-the-job experience at companies and organizations within and outside Japan, and engage in other similar activities.

  • History in the making

Students at FGS daily create its history. A well-known poem by the late Takamura Kotaro (1883–1956) declares, “I walk not along a highway leading somewhere, no path lies before me, a path will be created behind me.” Hence, lets overcome trials by treading step by step on a new horizon with fortitude and grit, and together chart our future.