Learning at FGS

Areas of Specialization and Patterns

Major and Minor

At FGS, students acquire knowledge via a blend of Global Studies, which is constituted of International Relations, and Area Studies. Depending on what they envision as their future career, they may shift emphasis between the two disciplines and four fields. *

* At other universities of liberal arts, Major and Minor programs permit students to attain a general education covering a broad spectrum, by choosing two fields out of a diversity of areas of specialization. At FGS however Major and Minor programs encourage students to learn while shifting emphasis between the two disciplines and four fields of study. This type of flexibility essentially differs from what is offered by other universities.

Specifically, students first choose either International Relations or Area Studies as their major, and then choose another field of study from the other discipline as their minor.
By so doing, all students graduating from FGS obtain skills and proficiency related to two areas of specialization.

This would constitute the students’ primary area of specialization, wherein they devote their utmost efforts towards attaining the expertise of their choice. They participate in seminars and submit a thesis, or conduct research in lieu of the thesis.
This constitutes the student’s subordinate area of specialization. Here the requirements must be met in combination with those of the major.