Learning at FGS


Curriculum for the students until 2018 enrollment

A Lavish and Well-Structured Curriculum

The Faculty of Global Studies offers lectures related to International Relations and Area Studies. International Relations is divided into two fields, namely International Politics, and Civil Society/International Cooperation, while Area Studies is also divided into two, namely Asian Studies and Middle Eastern/African Studies. FGS offers a wide spectrum of courses in global studies, sharing the perspectives of these two fields and four branches. This new system enables students to acquire knowledge from both global and local perspectives, an approach to education not available elsewhere in Japan.

In addition to the above, students are entitled to register for certain common courses that are offered to all in the university as well as courses in certain foreign languages, in accordance with their needs.

Courses are offered in groups of four levels, namely introductory, basic, specialized, and applied. These courses are numbered from 100 through 400, in the manner followed with reference to higher education in the United States and Europe.

Introductory (100 series)
This group comprises courses at the primary stage. They are oriented to enable students to acquire global literacy and cultivate their academic skills.
Basic (200 series)
This group of courses offers students specified knowledge and skills. They concentrate upon emphasizing the ability to proactively put into practice what they learn.
Specialized (300 series)
These courses are designed to advance and deepen specialized knowledge.
Applied (400 series)
These courses, as well as the graduation thesis and research project, are intended to finalize and provide the concluding touch to the education of students at FGS.