The journal welcomes submissions of article manuscripts at any time.

MN articles, which undergo a strict peer-review process, are expected to be based on research in Japanese primary and secondary sources. For further details, please refer to “Guidelines for Article Submissions.”

In its book reviews MN seeks to provide a balanced representation of important contributions to the field of Japanese studies. The journal usually publishes twenty to twenty-five reviews per issue. While we aim for broad coverage of different topics and time periods, it is not possible to include all worthy books.

MN does not accept unsolicited offers to review particular books. For further details, please see “Guidelines for Book Reviews” and “Notes on Preparing Book Reviews.”

Authors are advised to consult the MN Style Sheet. Periodically updated, this guide primarily covers issues related to the presentation of Japan-related material in English.

The copyright to articles and reviews published in MN belongs to the journal. MN readily grants permission for the reprinting of published articles in anthologies or other collections or for their reproduction for classroom use. Requests for permission for such uses should be sent by email to the MN office.

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